Minimum Wage
Postal Service

Those who had high hopes for a serious minimum wage proposal from the Republican Party will be disappointed: The Romney–Cotton proposal would not even increase the minimum wage to 1960s levels, after adjusting for inflation. Read more

Nearly half of all nonunion workers say they want a union in their workplace. But current law places too many obstacles in the way of workers trying to organize and gives employers too much power to interfere with workers’ free choice. The PRO Act aims to fix this.
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The Postal Service connects family and friends, fosters democracy, and is a key part of our emergency and national security infrastructure. It must not be allowed to fail. Read the report

What are the long-term consequences of the pandemic for children’s learning? How can we mitigate the effects? Existing research on education during emergencies offers four lessons that can help frame the current crisis and plan for rebuilding our education system post-pandemic. Read more

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