Economic Relief

The pandemic has caused horrendous economic harm and exposed the rot in our economy’s ability to provide security for all. The policy response must first stop the economic bleeding and then repair the rot to build a more resilient economy. Read more

One million people applied for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in the week ending Nov. 28: 712,000 for regular state UI and 289,000 for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. This was the 37th straight week total initial claims were far greater than the worst week of the Great Recession. Read more

COVID-19 has exacerbated poverty in the U.S., spreading and deepening it along preexisting fissures of inequality. If America’s leaders do not address this crisis with visionary social and economic policy, the health and well-being of the nation is at stake. Read more

We encourage the incoming administration to focus on building worker power, fighting for racial justice, and making the transformational changes we need to invest in America. This is not a time for timidity or austerity. This is a time for courage and ambition. Read more

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