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“Anti-racist research requires thinking critically about the lens through which we interpret data and develop policy,” writes EPI’s Valerie Wilson in the introduction to a recently released series of essays from leading scholars, writers, and advocates. Read more

While average wages for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are close to the national average, many groups within the AAPI community lag behind, according to recent analysis of disaggregated hourly wage data. Read the blog post

The reasons for escalating inflation are hotly debated, but some theories gaining traction have not been grounded in the data. EPI research sets the record straight on the causes of inflation—and how policymakers can best restrain it. Read the blog post

Home health care workers are often paid extremely low wages. State median wages for home health care workers in 2021 ranged from $8.76 per hour in Louisiana to $17.45 per hour in Massachusetts, with a national median of $14.15. Find out how much home health care workers are paid in your state

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