Older Americans
Paid Sick Days
Reducing Poverty

The U.S. retirement system is broken. Many older Americans hope to work as long as possible just to make ends meet. But many face barriers to working longer while also facing uncertain retirement prospects. This chartbook sheds light on the challenges confronting older Americans. Explore the charts

Ninety-six percent of the highest-wage workers have access to paid sick days. Only 38% of the lowest-paid workers do. Federally mandated paid sick leave would help address this inequity. Read the blog post

The federal government played a vital role in reducing poverty in 2021. In addition to Social Security—the largest poverty reducer in the U.S.—pandemic safety net programs also kept millions out of poverty. EPI’s Elise Gould looks at the latest Census data. Read the Twitter thread

Top CEOs now make 399 times what typical workers make, the highest number on record. EPI’s Jori Kandra reviews the latest CEO pay numbers. Watch the video

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