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The latest report in EPI’s teacher pay series finds that public school teachers earn about 20% less in weekly wages than nonteacher college graduates. Providing teachers with a decent middle-class living is not simply a matter of fairness but is necessary to student and economic performance. Read the report

Another 1.5 million people applied for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in the week ending September 12. That includes 860,000 people who applied for regular state UI and 659,000 who applied for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). This was the 26th week in a row total initial claims were far greater than the worst week of the Great Recession. Read more


President Trump has said he would ‘protect’ and ‘fight for’ workers. Instead, his administration has systematically done the opposite. EPI reviews 50 ways the administration’s actions (or inactions) have harmed workers over the last four years. Read the report

Learning and development have been disrupted for millions of students, and the pandemic has exacerbated well-documented opportunity gaps that put low-income students at a disadvantage relative to their better-off peers. EPI experts look at lessons from pre-pandemic research to inform relief, recovery, and rebuilding. Read the report

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