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A Vice Motherboard article cites EPI research on unions—including the ways employers try to stifle union-organizing and the reasons unions are worth fighting for. Amazon workers in New York City are heard challenging anti-union messages in leaked audio published by MotherboardRead EPI research on unions

State and local labor enforcers are derailing worker misclassification and wage theft, enforcing paid sick leave local laws, fighting discrimination, and seeking pay for interns. “The New Labor Law Enforcers,” a monthly blog series by EPI senior fellow Terri Gerstein, provides snapshots of these worker heroes in action. Read the first post in the series

The Build Back Better Act makes historic investments in our economy that will make it fairer and more productive. The Senate must pass this critical legislation as soon as possible. Read the statement

Politics and special interests, not economic constraints, are keeping the U.S. Postal Service from becoming a hub for affordable banking and other valuable community services. Read the blog post

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