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It has been eight long months since Congress passed the CARES Act and nearly four months since Congress let the extra $600 weekly unemployment benefit expire. Two more key CARES Act provisions run out Dec. 26. When will Congress finally come to the aid of the millions of Americans who are suffering? Read more

COVID-19 has exacerbated poverty in the U.S., spreading and deepening it along preexisting fissures of inequality. If America’s leaders do not address this crisis with visionary social and economic policy, the health and well-being of the nation is at stake. Read more

We encourage the incoming administration to focus on building worker power, fighting for racial justice, and making the transformational changes we need to invest in America. This is not a time for timidity or austerity. This is a time for courage and ambition. Read more

With enormous attention focused—understandably—on the outcome of the presidential and congressional races, it’s easy to forget that voters also decided on nearly 6,000 state legislative races and a host of ballot measures—many with important implications for workers, economic justice, racial equity, and the fight against climate change. Read more

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