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U.S. Court of Appeals decision on fiduciary rule will hurt retirement savers
March 16, 2018

EPI launches new website aimed at supporting state and local progressive policy research
March 14, 2018

American manufacturing workers still enjoy a compensation premium over other similar workers
March 12, 2018

Strong employment growth and promising participation, but wage growth continues to fall short
March 9, 2018

Congress should pass bill with protections for tipped workers
March 7, 2018

EPI updates Family Budget Calculator with data on the cost of living in every county and major metropolitan area
March 6, 2018

Trade remedies for steel and aluminum were long overdue
March 1, 2018

Wages grew for most workers in 2017, but slowly and unequally
March 1, 2018

Tangelo Park Program embodies a broader, bolder approach to education
February 27, 2018

50 years after the Kerner Commission, black Americans are not economically equal
February 26, 2018

Examination of work hours reveals two labor markets: Some people are working more than ever, while others struggle to get any work at all
February 22, 2018

The concerted attack on public sector union workers is a coordinated effort financed by wealthy donors
February 21, 2018

African American and Hispanic unemployment rates are higher than white unemployment rates in every state at the end of 2017
February 20, 2018

Trade remedies for steel and aluminum are long overdue
February 16, 2018

Pennsylvania public school teachers face a 12 percent pay penalty
February 15, 2018

Media Advisory: Scott, Ellison, Takano, and Bonamici hold forum on administration’s harmful proposed tip rule
February 14, 2018

Media Advisory: Panel discussion on black women and the economy
February 14, 2018

18 states have already passed laws designed to relieve corporate franchisers of their responsibility to pay workers fairly
February 13, 2018

Media Advisory: The Kerner Commission at 50 Conference
February 12, 2018

EPI submits comments on DOL’s proposed “tip stealing” rule: Rule would transfer $5.8 billion from workers to employers every year
February 5, 2018

January’s jobs report shows hopeful signs, but in line with long term trends
February 2, 2018

Today at 1 p.m.—Advocates, experts respond to bombshell report that DOL hid data on tip rule change
February 1, 2018

DOL scrubs economic analysis that showed its tip pooling rule would be terrible for workers
February 1, 2018

The opening of an Amazon fulfillment center does not increase overall local employment
February 1, 2018

EPI applauds USDA decision rejecting poultry industry petition to speed up processing lines
January 30, 2018

Workers’ health, safety, and pay are casualties in Trump’s war on regulations
January 29, 2018

Trump administration should take swift action to support U.S. steel and aluminum manufacturers
January 24, 2018

Most states end 2017 on the right path, but pockets of weakness remain
January 23, 2018

36 prominent economists, including 3 Nobel laureates, explain to the Supreme Court why the anti-union position in Janus is simply wrong as a matter of basic economics
January 18, 2018

Paul Booth’s work lives on
January 18, 2018

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