“EPI demonstrates just how powerful it is when you combine intellectual integrity with commitment, when you make a point of doing the math right, but also never forget that you stand for something.”

—Paul Krugman, Nobel economics prize-winner and New York Times columnist

Join with us to build an economy that works for everyone

Ordinary workers are gaining more education, working more hours, and improving their productivity—yet still struggle to make ends meet. Wages flatlined or even fell for nearly three-fourths of the workforce over the past decade, affecting roughly 100 million of today’s workers. This is bad for families and communities, and it violates the fundamental American promise that if you work hard you’ll get ahead.

The Economic Policy Institute is the premier research organization bringing the concerns of working families to critical economic policy debates. By identifying trends and tracking them to their policy causes, we provide a roadmap for returning to an America where hard-working low-wage employees make enough to make a living, the middle class is strong and healthy, and workers who help our economy grow share in its benefits.

We need your help

We need your help in order to continue our work on behalf of hard-working Americans. EPI does not accept government funding and relies exclusively on the generous support of individuals, foundations, labor organizations, and nonprofits committed to creating an American economy offering opportunities for all workers. Our donors value our high-quality research, reputation for truth-telling, and practical policy solutions. Your tax-deductible gift to EPI makes you an important partner in providing this critical public service.

What your donation supports

  • Research

    EPI’s research helps policymakers, opinion leaders, advocates, journalists, and the public understand the bread-and-butter issues affecting ordinary Americans.

  • Partnerships

    Scholars, state-level think tanks, foundations, unions, and advocacy organizations have used EPI data to successfully fight for numerous worker- and growth-friendly policies and programs.

  • Media Outreach

    EPI has become an important resource for reliable information on a changing economy and an effective counterweight to harmful misinformation.

  • Policy Change

    Our work has led to victories including minimum-wage increases, paid sick day legislation, overtime pay provisions, and Social Security benefit protections.

“The Economic Policy Institute makes such an extraordinary contribution to our economic dialogue and to economic policymaking in this country. It’s where the best economists in the country turn to, both as an outlet to get their ideas out and as a way to organize their support of issues.”

—Jason Furman, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers