Figure 4AL

Education needed in 2022 workforce and education levels of the 2012 workforce

Education Needed in 2022 Had in 2012
Less than high school 26.3% 8.2%
High school 39.1% 27.4%
Associate degree 4.3% 10.8%
College degree 18.1% 22.5%
Advanced degree 4.7% 11.4%
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Note: Totals do not sum to 100% because some categories were omitted.

Figure is based on authors’ analysis of Thiess (2012) for SWA Table 4.46 and education attainment data from SWA Table 4.17.

Source: EPI analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics Economic and Employment Projections (Table 7) and Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group microdata

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