Long-term Unemployment
Tipped Workers
Raising America's Pay

The long-term unemployment rate is elevated across all demographic groups, education levels, and states. Visit the new feature to view and download charts comparing long-term unemployment trends across states and demographic groups. Read the report

The minimum wage for tipped workers has been stuck at $2.13 an hour since 1991. As a result, tipped workers are twice as likely to live in poverty. The separate tipped minimum should be eliminated. Read the report

The overtime salary threshold has been allowed to fall to $455 per week, which is less than the poverty threshold for a family of four. To match historical benchmarks, it should be $1,122 per week. Read the report

Raising America’s Pay is a new EPI initiative to make wage growth an urgent national policy priority. Generating broad-based wage growth is the central economic challenge of our time—essential to addressing income inequality and boosting living standards. View the research


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