Key EPI research on immigration

EPI research analyzes a key part of the U.S. immigration system: immigration that occurs for the purpose of work—also known as “labor migration” or “employment-based immigration.” Now that President Obama and a number of members in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate are actively working to craft a comprehensive solution to fix our malfunctioning immigration system, we have put together all of our essential resources on employment-based immigration in one place. The following is a list of EPI’s research, analyses, commentary, and blog posts on the impacts of immigration on the economy, on the different work visa programs that facilitate the immigration of foreign workers to the United States, and our recommendations on how to comprehensively fix our immigration system to achieve more broadly shared prosperity for all workers:

Comprehensive immigration reformcitizenship-ceremony


STEM visas, high-skilled migration, and offshoring

Farmworkers and farm labor

Guestworkers and less-skilled migration

Immigration and the economy 

State-level immigration laws

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