Table 2.6

Share of average income growth accounted for by the bottom 95 percent, top 5 percent, and top 1 percent, by dataset and income concept, 1979–2007

Bottom 95 percent Top 5 percent Top 1 percent
Burkhauser et al.; CPS household money income, adjusted 73.4% 26.6%
CPS household money income 63.0 37.0
Not top-coded
CBO, household comprehensive income 46.1 53.9 38.3%
Piketty and Saez, cash market income 19.1 80.9 59.8
CBO, household comprehensive income adjusted to match Burkhauser et al.* 48.1 51.9

* Capital gains are excluded, post–tax-and-transfer growth is shown, and in-kind benefits such as health care are allowed to boost bottom-fifth incomes to the same degree as allowed by Burkhauser, Larrimore, and Simon (2011).

Source: Burkhauser, Larrimore, and Simon (2011, Table 4), Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement Historical Income Tables (Table H-3), Congressional Budget Office (2010a), authors' analysis of Piketty and Saez (2012, Table A-6)

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