Figure C

Black unemployment rate in Texas compared with 23 other states and U.S., 4th quarter 2012

State Percentage
Michigan 18.7%
New Jersey 17.8%
Illinois 17.6%
North Carolina 17.3%
California 17.2%
District of Columbia 16.3%
Ohio 15.4%
South Carolina 14.9%
Mississippi 14.3%
Arkansas 14.3%
Florida 14.1%
Pennsylvania 14.0%
United States 14.0%
New York 13.9%
Minnesota 13.1%
Georgia 12.5%
Tennessee 12.4%
Missouri 12.2%
Connecticut 12.2%
Alabama 11.8%
Texas 11.4%
Virginia 11.3%
Maryland 10.3%
Delaware 9.9%
Louisiana 9.5%
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Note: Black refers to non-Hispanic blacks. This figure includes the 24 states (a total which includes the District of Columbia) with black populations large enough to measure the unemployment rate with Current Population Survey microdata.

Source: Authors' analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics Local Area Unemployment Statistics and basic monthly Current Population Survey microdata

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