The Agenda to Raise America’s Pay

Thank you for calling on all presidential candidates to adopt EPI’s 11 progressive economic policies in their campaign platforms and make raising America’s pay their top priority.

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Subject: Our top priority: Raise America’s Pay!


I signed the petition calling on all 2016 presidential candidates to adopt the Agenda to Raise America’s pay—an 11-point plan to raise wages, protect workers’ rights, and ensure the wealthy are paying their fair share of taxes.

The first Democratic presidential debate is just weeks away and we need all candidates to address economic inequality and stagnating wages head-on.

Click here to stand with me, the Economic Policy Institute and millions of workers across the country to call on the presidential candidates to adopt the Agenda to Raise America’s Pay:

In 1965, CEOs of large corporations were paid, on average, 20 times more than the typical worker. Today, these executives are paid 300 times more than the typical worker. Meanwhile, wages for the vast majority have stagnated or declined since 1979—even though workers have become much more productive. And over the last dozen years, even college-educated workers’ wages have stagnated.

Thankfully, wage stagnation is not inevitable. Since wage suppression stems from policy choices, it can be reversed by making different policy choices. We must grow wages by implementing policies that put money back in the pockets of workers instead of padding the bank accounts of corporations and the super-rich.

Please, join me in signing the petition to all presidential candidates today:


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