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The federal government played a vital role in reducing poverty in 2021. In addition to Social Security—the largest poverty reducer in the U.S.—pandemic safety net programs also kept millions out of poverty. EPI’s Elise Gould looks at the latest Census data. Read the Twitter thread

By the time President Biden took office in January 2021, recovery had not just stalled, it had begun reversing. He promised to address this situation and to be the most pro-union president in American history. How has he done so far? Read the report

The H-2B program—which allows U.S. employers to hire migrant workers for temporary and seasonal jobs—is growing and will reach its largest size ever in 2022. At the same time, wage theft is rampant in the industries that employ most H-2B workers. Read the report

In 2021, the relative teacher wage penalty—how much less teachers are paid than other college-educated professionals—grew to a record high of 23.5%.
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