Et Tu, Mickey Mouse? Disney Pads Record Profits by Replacing U.S. Workers with Cheaper H-1B Guestworkers

There was a lot to celebrate in the Magic Kingdom this year. The Disney Corporation had its most profitable year ever, with profits of $7.5 billion—up 22 percent from the previous year. Disney’s stock price is up approximately 150 percent over the past three years. These kinds of results have paid off handsomely for its CEO Bob Iger, who took home $46 million in compensation last year.

Disney prides itself on its recipe for “delighting customers,” a recipe it says includes putting employees first. They tout this as a key to their success in creating “a culture where going the extra mile for customers comes naturally” for employees. One method of creating this culture is referring to its employees as “cast members.” In fact, Disney is so proud of its organizational culture that it’s even created an institute to share its magic with other businesses (for a consulting fee, of course).

So, you would expect a firm that puts its employees first to share the vast prosperity that’s been created with the very employees who went above and beyond to help generate those record profits.

Well, how did Mr. Iger repay his workers—sorry, I mean cast members—for creating all this profit? Not with bonuses and a big raises. Instead, as the New York Times just detailed in a major report, he forced hundreds of them to train their own replacements—temporary foreign workers here on H-1B guestworker visas—before he laid them off.

What motivates a company to replace its American workers with H-1B guestworkers? One word: Profit. H-1B guestworkers are cheaper than American workers and don’t have much bargaining power, and any company would be foolish not to take advantage of this highly lucrative business model that has been inadvertently created by Congress and multiple presidential administrations.  Of course, this business model is paid for by destroying the livelihoods and dignity of tens of thousands of American workers. The costs are also borne by American taxpayers, through foregone tax revenue and the additional social services that need to be provided for those newly unemployed American workers.

When it comes to using the H-1B to cut costs, Disney is far from an isolated case. The Disney news comes on the heels of multiple reports of corporate layoffs with H-1B replacements, at Southern California Edison, the Fossil Group in Texas, Pfizer and Northeast Utilities in Connecticut, Harley Davidson in Milwaukee and Kansas, and Cargill in Minnesota.

The full story of Disney’s injustice hasn’t yet come to light, because the company isn’t willing to speak about it, and displaced American workers are afraid to talk because they fear they won’t be hired elsewhere. Further, the Obama administration has refused to investigate any of the recent listed H-1B abuse cases. We know that Disney hired HCL, a major India-based offshore outsourcing firm, to bring in its H-1B workers. Like its rivals Tata, Infosys, and Wipro, HCL is one of the top H-1B employers in America. HCL is a publicly traded company, whose CEO Vineet Nayer once proclaimed that recent American graduates are “unemployable” because they expect too much and are too expensive to train.

HCL was the sixth largest recipient of H-1B visas in fiscal year 2013, with the Obama administration approving 1,713 H-1B visas for its workers. Like most top H-1B employers, government data reveal that HCL uses the program for cheap, temporary labor rather than as bridge to permanent immigration. In fiscal 2013 it applied for only 128 green cards, compared to its 1,713 new H-1B workers, or 7 percent of the H-1Bs it hired that year (because H-1B visas are valid for up to six years, HCL’s total H-1B workforce is much larger, but it does not disclose this information).

According to government data acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request, the median wage HCL paid those 1,713 H-1B workers was $61,984, which is essentially the entry level wage for an information technology (IT) worker, and more importantly, a 25 percent discount on the median wage of $82,710 for Computer Systems Analysts in the United States. Moreover, it’s almost certain that Disney’s 25 percent H-1B discount is an understatement, because many of the laid off Disney workers I spoke with were earning approximately $100,000, and had been employed there for many years, so they had also earned and accumulated benefits packages based on their seniority.

It’s important to point out that Disney is not an outlier, it’s the norm. Loopholes in the H-1B program make it irresistible to corporations, whose sole goal has become to maximize profits and shareholder value. Appealing to patriotism, corporate social responsibility, or even a sense of moral decency is a fool’s game. If you don’t believe me, look no further than Disney, which brags about its awards for its corporate social responsibility.

We may not like it but in the contemporary U.S. business environment, ten out of ten corporate executives will choose to replace Americans with cheaper guestworkers—it would be a dereliction of their fiduciary duty to shareholders if they failed to take advantage of this. Congress, the president, and the Departments of Labor and Homeland Security should not sit idly by while this happens. They should reform the program so it can’t be used to undercut American workers and exploit foreign workers.

  • RobL

    Was planning to take the family to Disnelyand this summer. With the whole gang, probably would have dropped $3000 bucks and more at Disneyland over the weekend.

    Not going to happen. Now that the Disney people have decided to fire Americans, and replace them with foreigners, we’re going to the beach, Knott’s, Universal, and we’ll find some other suitable outings. Disney will never see me again.

    • Pedro Norte

      We just changed our minds about the big Disney trip, too.

    • dj

      I’ll settle for the beach also. Imagine customers at Disney, when the people working there cannot understand English….or can’t speak English to the customers. Hopefully, many more Americans will do the same, and maybe Disney won’t see such a big profit next year. Now….that I’d love to see.

    • kgregt

      Send them an email or give them a call. It would be great if they heard from a lot of people like you.

  • GhostofAynRand

    Iger is a Democrat…imagine that.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      They love displacing the founding population, those Democrats.

  • TheLibertine

    Eradicating the American middle class is like bankruptcy: happening slowly then suddenly.

    • William A Miller

      what are we going to do about it? Other than to boycott Disney products

      • lib_erator

        Go online and find their website. Then send a contact letter about how sad and disgusting you think they are and tell them until they take their American workers back you will not support their products. Period. But be civil and to the point.

      • dj

        QUIT voting democrat to start. At least republicans are more for protecting our borders more. That might help with illegal immigration any way.

      • Philly-Buster

        Vote out democrats?

      • Write them, Let them know, spread the word,

      • TheLibertine

        I don’t know what “we” are going to do about it — I know what I have been doing about it.

  • flitcraft33

    I love Disneyland and was hoping to take my grandson there, but after this, I will not be going, and I will not be buying any Disney movies. This is a disgrace and a betrayal of Walt’s legacy. I am boycotting and you should, too.

    • CaSam47

      I totally agree

    • nostudme1

      Se Su Puede

  • Uncle Ted

    Keep voting democrat and we can have illegal working and we can set home and get free food, healthcare, housing and coming soon free electric cars.

    • Dee Snyder

      a lot of Republicans support this too, dude.

      • dj

        Not too many in my area.

      • Philly-Buster


      • eDave

        Not those crazy Tea Party folks. I’m countng on them to split the party based on this. Welcome Madame President.

      • lesgvt

        and that is why we are steadily replacing them too

      • Gary White

        That’s why you vote Tea Party

      • El Cid

        They are called RINO’s, dude.

  • Mark Goldstein

    We just sold our Disney stock 2 months ago. If we still had it, we would be selling it now. This H-1B loophole is no excuse! Disney has the right to exercise the loophole. I have the right to spend my entertainment and investment dollars elsewhere. My wife and I were actually hurt by this info coming to light. Disney was one of the last beams of light and sanctuaries left in our American society and we feel let down by Disney’s position. Can you imagine having to train your replacement knowing you are being forced out of a culture you respected and felt proud to be a member of? Disney has made a huge mistake. We demand a public apology and those workers reinstated or compensated for the humiliation they have had to endure. At that point, my wife and I will support and promote the “Disney Culture” as we always have. Until then, my Disney dollars will be spent at Dollywood, Six Flags, Sea World, etc.

  • pcbs

    I will never step foot at a Disney park or a Disney film. They should be severely boycotted.

    • Gandhi prince

      Even star wars? Good luck boycotting that film

  • mtim2474

    Not just Disney, every tech company in the U.S. is shipping work overseas, or bringing cheap workers under the H1-B (or other visas) to replace resident workers.

    • Ronda

      Yep, every company in Silicone Valley…Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and on and on and on.

  • Dave

    Can we please reduce legal immigration down to 50k per year?

    • dj

      That would make too much sense, and be too good of a thing for the American people.

  • Courtney Black

    Disney is a slimy corporation. I will no longer do any kind of business with them.

  • BruddahNui

    The Disney corporation is a perfect example of left wing hypocrisy. CEO Bob Iger makes $46,000,000 and he still feels the need to replace American workers with foreign workers. Worst yet is what’s going on in the information tech industry. Companies want more visas to bring in foreign workers while thousands of American graduates go jobless. You gotta love king Obama and his Marxist Minions. I’ll bet most of these college grads now being left behind voted for him.

  • Joe

    Very simple solution folks, boycott Disney, I know I will, I have never been there and could care less about them or their future.

    • Bulldog

      Usually I am not for boycotts, but in this case I make an exception. Everyone who reads these posts, should boycott this anti-American business.

  • randy s

    I saw a Disney commercial this weekend. The only thing I could think about was how horrible of a company they are.

  • Yez I. Am

    The world is upside down.

  • RedDog

    Even Obama knows mass immigration is a bad deal for working Americans:

    “The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century,” Obama noted. “If this huge influx of mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole—especially by keeping our workforce young, in contrast to an increasingly geriatric Europe and Japan—it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”

    Read more:

  • Corrupt Traitor

    I’ll never go there again.

  • peteyone

    Why not change it from foreign labour to slave labour? Makes more sense. Needless to say, I’ll never even visit Disney let alone spend money there. Go ahead suckers!

  • Xcom78

    They took our jerbs! Its ok Americans did not want those jobs anyway right?

  • maineman11111

    I was going this summer, changed plans.

  • Darth Awesome

    Good, I will be boycotting Disney for the rest of my life.

  • radarnj

    boycott and ignore… You will be a better person. Research all the disney kids in show biz today. They are lost sick souls from a corporation that captures you for the root of all evil.

  • mark g.

    Boycott Disney. Boycott Disney.

  • Timebomb

    Going to Universal instead of Disney, better rides.

  • manure2

    The evil US government must start defending the interests of the American people. Otherwise, a new government should be created, ejecting 100% of Congressional and Executive Branch employees, elected and not.

  • erl11

    “Well, how did Mr. Iger repay his workers—sorry, I mean cast members—for creating all this profit? Not with bonuses and a big raises. Instead, as the New York Times just detailed in a major report, he forced hundreds of them to train their own replacements—temporary foreign workers here on H-1B guestworker visas—before he laid them off.”
    Iger is greedy and a bully for treating the employees he laid off like he did. Too bad he took a good thing that Walt Disney made and turned it bad. When you are greedy, no amount of money is enough.

  • JnnyBGood

    Disney – No love except for their love of money.

  • Joe_E_in_the_IE

    The DREAMer, DACA and H-1B visa bloodbath that’s decimating the livelihoods of American citizens in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields is flooding into the medical professions, education, transportation, construction and manufacturing. Whatever you do for a living and no matter how competently you do it, your job is up for grabs. You can be punished for the crime of being born in the USA.

  • JB1794

    This will come back to haunt corporate America. Good IT people are hard to find on the long term and by hiring H-1B workers, it will push great qualified people away from this field to other fields. On the long term the the US technology sector will suffer greatly for it.
    The other reason companies are taking advantage of this is an administration that is looking to force in illegal immigrants and an economy that is much more fragile and needs to have such tactics enforced to stack the otherwise poor economic numbers in corporate America. It’s fudging the books for political benefits as well payoffs to corporations and it is criminal as H-1B’s are meant only to be used when there are no qualified people available otherwise to fill that workforce in. It’s an impeachable offense for Obama and traitorous for those politicians supporting such.

  • David

    Boycott Mickey.

  • Bubba Smith

    Boycott Disney. Hit them in the only place they care about. Our elected officials sold out and will do nothing. It’s time for the us to act.

  • Linda B

    I plan to boycott disney

  • AmericanConcrete

    Progressives at work, making 47 million and fooling the masses.

  • Jimmy Chan

    Back when I was employed by Charles Schwab, they also had an “offshoring” strategy that meant firing thousands of workers and replacing them with Indian-based consulting companies such as Wipro and Infosys. I believe the term they used was “Geostrategy”. In deciding who to layoff, my Vice President, a gay, white male named Nichols, let go of all the Asian-American employees and kept only the gay, white males.

  • Lewis Medlock

    How can american workers in the job be replaced with H1B workers if the jobs were filled? This is why both republicans and dems want them…cheap labor to put more money in the rich’s pocket.

  • spacecommander

    Our government is supposed to protect American workers from companies like this. Glad to see our elected officials are looking out for Americans./SARC

  • HaydenG

    This isn’t disneys fault. They are just doing the best thing for their business. this is the government fault for allowing this to happen.

  • Aytac Ercen

    How’s this even legal?

    Contact if you are ready and willing!

  • Joe

    Has nothing to do with increased ticket prices I am sure.

  • jofmok

    People, Don’t forget this! Boycott Disney. Spread the word.

  • CaSam47

    If they are already profitable and profitability is increasing why do this? It i just greed. We live an So Can and used to go to D-Land often, No More!

  • William A Miller

    and americans continue to oppose and disdain unions, which would never let this happen to an organized work force

    • Hamma Time

      Someone didn’t read the article…..Unions are a great reason to use the migrant worker program– these workers cannot be unionized. If GM could have used the program, they wouldn’t have went bankrupt. Unions screwed GM, yet were favored in the bankruptcy. Talk about Backwards!

      • Bulldog


    • Forger Trace

      Bull, you are so uniformed.
      Read this info and THEN try to make a more informed post afterwards.
      Plenty more sources.. try doing some homework yourself.

      • Bulldog

        Your post would be a good one, but was ruined by your spelling of uninformed.

    • erl11

      unions are not what they used to be.

      • Operator99


        Elections have consequences…

    • dj

      You might be right if unions could be counted on to do decent things like that. But, that is not the case any longer. Only had one encounter with being in a union. Will never do it again. They took money every week, but they were nowhere to be found when instances came up. They are just a collection plate for the democrat party…which is SUPPOSED to be illegal.

    • guest

      unions are destroying competition and they don’t treat all union members equally, from an ex union member

    • billyrumble

      Baloney. Unions are in favor of this. When politicians import more immigrants, union membership increases.

    • Operator99

      Not only is Disney Unionized…but Iger is besties with Barrack Obama who is the leading champion of this massive immigration influx- legal and illegal. He increased these H1_b Visas 300% under his term, forcing Americans to train their replacements.

      The single greatest to threat to the middle class worker, union and non-union- is Barack Hussein Obama. Elected to two terms by, you guessed it, Unions. Elections have consequences. Now eat it.

      And next time, vote Tea Party. They actually care about the middle class. Well, that is if you actually want to work. So, I guess that counts out the Union Labor vote…

    • El Cid

      This is a moral issue not an immoral union issue. Unions rob from
      employees also while the union bosses and thugs get wealthy. Crumbs for the workers and champagne for the union bosses.

    • tryagain

      Personally unions aren’t doing us any favors either there just as big of sell outs as our government is.

    • Sam

      A legitimate government would curtail immigration during economic downturns in order to her people back to work. Our government would rather sign people up for benefits than make an environment where the only people available to be hired are American workers, with the likelihood of being recently unemployed

    • Derigitable

      The unions are in lockstep with this plan. Really? That’s why you’re not hearing them screaming at the tops of their lungs right now.

    • fmj3

      How can you be so misinformed? You must be a union stooge??

      The unions have backed obama and all his illegal immigration policies.

    • abos

      Google Horizon
      Out of Chicago.
      Replacing Teachers thats right Your Union Compadres.
      With what you may ask.
      Turkish Immigants.
      All over the Country.
      But you wont find that on your nightly Union Run News Stations will you.

      No word from teacher unions

      Charter schools use Turkish ties, visas to get teachers

    • TheLibertine

      Surely you jest. Ask the American autoworker how good the unions have been to them. Their jobs not already shipped overseas have been replaced by robotics.

  • צדקיה עמיחי

    I had planned on taking the grand-kids to see Frozen on Ice before I read this story. There is no way Disney will get another dime from me. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on an IT career and keep spending more every year to keep my skills up to date. Then some profiteer decides that when the American worker has gotten them where they need to be, he’s going to sell them out to increase his profit margins.

    • Gandhi prince

      Thank you! We need about 40,000,000 more just like you.

      • John (magnum)

        Boycott anything Disney, and anything that Disney has invested in !

      • John (magnum)


      • John (magnum)

        Boycott anything Disney, and anything that Disney has invested in !

      • Bulldog

        I feel double that number would be better.

    • dj

      Be prepared…..I was an IT worker too….replaced by a Russian on a Visa.

    • Your Anger is a Gift

      I am proud to say I have never bought disney products for anyone including my kids and grand-kids. By disney and liberal standards I am a bad parent.

  • kirby1776

    That is it for the rat, no more trips there. How cheap and greedy do these companies have to become. Well, I’ll spend my money where there are American workers. Screw Disney, there is always Universal, Sea World.
    Just told my wife to forget the cruise she wanted on Disney line that I decided it was going to be Royal Caribbean, screw Disney.

    • VendicarDecarian0

      The greedy party here are the American workers who demand to be paid more than they are worth according to market principles.

      American workers have no business demanding that a Nanny State protect them from competition in labor.

      Doing so will simply impoverish everyone and force companies from leaving the country.

    • planet8788

      Those corps do it too.

  • DontTouchThatMabel

    Disney needs to address this. No more Disney because the leaders of that company are anti-American.

  • FROG75

    I never cared much for this company once it got so big. Good idea that has out-lived it’s ‘goodness’ and is headed toward the abyss, sooner or later, most likely sooner! Like most evilness, it’s eating itself!

  • Challenger

    That includes Hasbro Toy…………Destroying American lives for cheaper workers.. just for higher profits. Without care of how it affects American families.

  • Minnalousha

    When you work for a large corporation, you work for a psychopath.

  • Tim Chalk

    You reactionaries are way behind the curve. Silicon Valley has done this for years and you still buy their stuff. You don’t even know who makes it.
    Falling for this kind of ‘journalism’? The New York Times is a liberal rag.

  • Stafford A. Kingsley

    This is business.
    kudos to Disney.

  • crusader2010

    Boycott Disney, Don’t just say it, do it! Stay away.

  • Tpods1

    You have an open door policy to foreigners then when they are hired we’re surprised and mad?

  • Raoul Carggarglin

    I hope any American would boycott this place now.

  • rayg

    This is why large corporations are demanding immigration reform. They don’t care about the personal, political, and social issues; they only care about the economic issues as to how it increases their profit margin. That is why so many of these corporations are big Democratic campaign donors. The media may try to claim the Democrats are for the people and against business. The reality is the Democrats are lapdogs for big business.

  • RockefellerJones

    The solution to this problem is very simple: BOYCOTT DISNEY. Urge your friends and coworkers and relatives not to spend any money in any Disney property or pay to see any Disney movie. Let the world know you are boycotting Disney and that you will continue to do so until Disney rehires its American workers and stops importing H1-B visa holders. And let your representatives know you demand action from them this time. As the boycott spreads, so too will fear in the hearts of those who run Disney.

  • cdspark

    All these people who are now down on Disney because of this article. If you read the article this is based on you will find that only 250 people were impacted by this decision. Of those 250, 120 found other jobs at Disney, 40 retired and 90 left the company.
    The premise that Disney is scoring big profits based on this H-1B program is a bit farfetched when you are only talking about 250 total employees out over 74,000 in the Orlando area alone.
    But hey if you are looking for a good reason to not take the kids to Disney World, this is the one I would chose. Yep.

  • Gandhi prince

    Keep grinning Chico. Your next. “Johann Rupert, the South African who has made billions peddling Cartier jewelry and Chloe fashion, said tension between the rich and poor is set to escalate as robots and artificial intelligence fuel mass unemployment.”

  • BigIronRam

    American companies that don’t support American workers have no worries about my becoming one of their customers.

    • VendicarDecarian0

      Corporations aren’t in business to provide work.

      They are in business to make money.

      No One deserves a handout.

    • lib_erator

      I agree with you and will not participate in their movies any more. Not even for free on tv. I pray America wakes up to what is happening to all of us.

    • guest

      pretty soon you won’t have anywhere left to shop

    • juandos

      American companies aren’t in business to support American workers, they’re in business to make money for the shareholders…

  • kotylynn

    I agree that this form of corporate greed must stop in order to save the American worker. No more trips to Disneyland or souvenirs.The grandkids will get a lesson they are not learning in school. Hopefully Disney will et an abrupt message itself.

  • Tyrone Nunnely

    Sad, the first problem is when you became a “worker” from your lifetime designation as an employee! Remember that title, EMPLOYEE…I spent 30 years in the IT field, retired in 2012 with 14 certifications and I feel absolutely betrayed for you all. I feel for all the certifications exams that all you guys sat for, passed or the bad ONE fail… American IT specialist should actually pick one major corporation, organize around America AND boycott it forever. That is the only way you all will make a difference. BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kotylynn

    Facebook encourages this immigration fiasco also. I have never used it and never will.

    • Bulldog

      Right on, my man. You just passed the IQ test which places you in the upper 1% of the country.

  • erl11

    “Well, how did Mr. Iger repay his workers—sorry, I mean cast members—for creating all this profit? Not with bonuses and a big raises. Instead, as the New York Times just detailed in a major report, he forced hundreds of them to train their own replacements—temporary foreign workers here on H-1B guestworker visas—before he laid them off.”
    Iger is greedy and a bu lly for treating the employees he laid off like he did. Too bad he took a good thing that Walt Disney made and turned it bad. When you are greedy, no amount of money is enough.

    • VendicarDecarian0

      Greed is the ultimate good. Greed raises all ships.

      Greed is the Libertarian way.

      • billyrumble

        Greed is the liberal way.

      • Philly-Buster

        Ms. Vendicar,
        Greed is the liberal way…you only need to look and Bill and Hillary..aaaa i mean Hillary and Bill. Made multi millions selling influence. The best part is if she doesn’t win she sold them nothing for $253 MILLION…..the biggest sleaze bags ever.

      • Philly-Buster

        How I wish you worked for Disney IT!

      • CarbonaNotGlue

        You know nothing of Libertarianism.

      • dougtheavenger

        The H1-B visa program is a combination of soviet style central planning and crony capitalism. It is anything but libertarian.

        Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan and Karl Mark would all agree, that the H1-B visa program is an outrageous distortion of the labor market.

      • Pedro Norte

        They really scare the devil out of you, don’t they? You should be afraid.

    • Bulldog

      You’re using initials very dear to me, so stop reading the Times. It is a true socialist rag which omits anything, and I mean anything, conservative.

  • Bob Marley

    Someone needs to start up a database of all the companies that are pulling this nonsense.

    If our government won’t stop this abuse, maybe we can crowdsource it.

    • dj

      Happened to me…..IT worker making a decent salary and good benefits, after returning to school at age 40 to earn my degree. Replaced by a Russian on a visa….we did the exact same job. It’s good they didn’t ask me to train her, because I wouldn’t have. None the less….got laid off. She is still there employed. Any way…will NEVER visit Disney, nor will I buy any more of their products. THAT is what needs to happen. People of this nation need to start boycotting these companies.

    • DanDKU

      The bigger question is what companies are NOT pulling that nonsense. I trained close to 600 foreign workers the last few years I was an IT consultant … not an IT teacher. All the big IT corporations pull that stuff. Some are just better at hiding it than others by only gradually increasing the percentage of their foreign-born workforce.

    • Bladesinger
    • NaMoNai


      nice way to phrase it.

    • juandos

      What was the alleged abuse?

    • Richard_Wiggler

      our ‘ government ‘ is responsible for this abuse.
      ever hear of ‘ TAX INCENTIVES ‘..

  • VendicarDecarian0

    So what? If Americans are too expensive to employ then market principles demands that they be replaced.

    American corporations need a free labor market in which all people compete equally for the work that is available to them.

    • manure2

      American corporations only exist, and only have $1 or more, because American workers allow them to have that. Either they can cater to American wishes, or, they can always leave. Go incorporate in third world countries and try to do business with no laws, no property rights and no contracts. Have a ton of fun.

    • mstevens27

      You are so misinformed. Let’s say you worked for Disney for 10 years and you have been a valued employee. You were 38 when your employment began and now you are 48 and have an excellent salary due to your tenure, longevity, and good evaluations. Then, the company wants you to find another another job at age 48 and making the same money? And, they place salt on your wounds by asking you to train your replacements!!!! OUCH!!!!!

    • KD

      This could be considered a free market situation if these were individuals that had green cards. My colleagues working on H-1b visas, work as indentured servants doing whatever is asked by the company that owns the visa. This drives the demanded salary down, thereby diving the market salaries down artificially due the willingness of the H-1b visa holder to do whatever necessary to remain in the states and employed by the visa holder. Its a mess.

    • eDave

      The right conveniently forgets it’s a global market now. For everything.

    • NaMoNai

      Saw your slogan.

      You’ve got the crime right. But the wrong suspect.

      In short, it’s not free trade if the governments at each end of the plane flight are distorting labor market prices — by oppressing their people at home, thus artificially suppressing the labor price (read most of the world), or by artificially inflating the labor price with extortionate taxes and employment associated expenses and liabilities (read America).

      That’s a fixed game. And a game fixed by the very worst sort of fixers.

      Oh, just BTW, I like the Coco Channel ad.

    • Steve

      Well, yes, but then again, they should be American citizens. Business can get labor scabs in all parts of the world for their factories, but in the USA we should employ our own, taxpaying citizens. Ok, that’s charitable I admit it, but that’s how I would do it.

    • Kerry

      shipping foreigners is not competition, it is treason, and so’s your face. mayhaps this happens to you and yours in your country, mayhaps it happens in your home… oh, not ok when it is your livelihood and property… I hope your countrymen see you.

    • washyourtongue

      Agree. and then in the end all people of the world wil share an equal standard of living. I wonder where they wil fall? For people living in the US, there is pretty much no where to go but down, but the people in other countries will be so much happier taking a slice of what we have. Good going Disney. Raise prices and lower everyone’s income. I wonder if that is really a good idea for you bottom line 25 years from now???

    • Gary White

      Then you won’t mind giving up your job to a cheaper guest worker? Who knows this secret TAA plan may dramatically expand H1B visas. Today $100k per year jobs are lost and tomorrow it’s $50k Jobs gone. This is crony capitalism at its worst.

    • dougtheavenger

      The H1-B visa program is not free market economics because H1-B workers are not free to change employers. They are a semi-captive labor force. It is government intervention to distort the labor market for the benefit of employers.

    • F’N-AW

      There’s also another market phenomena they should be worried about. It’s called bad publicity boycotts and they wouldn’t be the first business to tank because of it.

    • Jim Davis

      So what is your job? Would you like to be fired but first told you must train Chindians to replace you?

      I used to believe the Ayn Rand nonsense until I saw that it’s only good for you if you are in the 0.01%

    • Joe Yeti

      And we as Americans can choose not to support their brand.

    • Jim

      I think you missed the whole point of the article. H1B visa programs are bringing non-US citizens over here and replacing Americans for the profit of the CEO’s. I guess you like the idea of loopholes thru the immigration process in the name of ‘market principles’.

    • KrustyLovesYou

      Yes, all the people of the world should be free to come here and compete for all jobs. Very intelligent!!

  • TeamJeb

    This immigrant fear from some on the right is so misguided.

    • Dan Titsworth

      I truly hope you don’t have the type of job where you have to train your replacement who carries a H1B visa. Then you will see it is not a right or left concern but an American concern.

    • Bryan Bates

      It’s not fear. I’d rather have Hillary than Jeb the RINO.

    • eDave

      They are so scared!

    • cdw

      No, you are mistaken. The H1-B visa program is corrupt. Try to keep up.

    • Mendell Schelin

      Read the attached & then tell us how misguided it is to demand our government secure the borders.

    • Lee Thrace

      It’s obvious that you are trying to troll people with this illogical comment.. You should practice on reddit, or study the work of Ken M because no person in their right mind would believe that this comment is meant seriously.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      Unions are generally of the Left.

    • Gary White

      Tell that to the fired employees at Disney. Imagine loosing a $100,000 a year job. The distruction of the middle class is in full swing.

    • Urethra Franklin

      Are you being sarcasic? I hope so.

    • dougtheavenger

      Your ignorance is breathtaking. Do you know what the H1-B visa program is? A slave in 19th century Cuba could change masters more easily than an H1-B visas worker can change employers in 21rst century America. This is how employers retain them at below market wages.

    • Oboy_must_go

      I’d expect that type of comment coming from a Jeb supporter. Thats why he won’t win…Unless of course you let foreigners vote.

    • mourningcalif

      Well, let’s see what you have to say when they come for your job. Everyone is replaceable.

    • Richard Davis

      This is not immigration. It is a program that allows companies to bring in temporary workers who are not employees, but employed by foreign companies. The American business pays less wages and is not required to offer healthcare under the ACA. In most cases, the American citizen is required to train their replacement or forgo any severance that might be provided. If you would get off your Right versus Left high horse and be objective, you might see how this is having a huge negative impact on employment all across the country, especially in the high tech world.

    • sirgareth

      I fully agree, the minimum wage is and should always be whatever anyone will work for and if they are guest workers so what?

      Now if we can replace our overpaid under-worked federal government employees with guest workers the US taxpayer can get some sorely needed relief.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Shark_FL

      Nice troll account you got there. Better make your comments private b/c its obvious.

      Jeb is as bad as any Democrat. Real Americans will never vote for him.

  • James Bailey

    Certainly, a Mickey Mouse organization run by Goofy.

    • nobody

      No, by shrewd businessmen.

    • throwemout

      apparently a “rich” Goofy

    • honestynow

      More like the wicked witch or evil step mother. Goofy has a heart.

    • Mr Monte 24

      More like incompetent and unethical Management. Mr. Walter Disney is spinning in his grave.

  • Barry Wendell Jackson, Esq.

    Adam Smith, in his 1776 work that I short title as “An Inquiry Into The Wealth Of Nations”, explained that employers, who get together to devise ways to suppress wages, should pay workers “LIBERALLY”. That is how nations gain wealth! He realized that employers would be tempted to pay lower wages, but surmised that Patriotism and Equity would dissuade them.
    Since World War II, it has not.
    Adam Smith is ignored, distorted, and suppressed. Even the teaching of Henry Ford is forgotten!
    Free download of Smith is at Download and READ!
    The decline of most developed nations will continue, unless and until our Rulers, the Global Oligarchs, the National Plutocrats, and their well-paid Handmaidens, (my terms) accept and implement the teachings of Adam Smith. Now, they are so OBLIVIOUS, that they do not realize that the reason consumers have so little money to buy the products and services of their investments is that WORKERS ARE CONSUMERS! Who KNEW!
    The PITCHFORKS are Coming!

  • Crusader 30

    About ten years late, but It’s nice to finally see news stories picking
    up that “outsourcing” to India is not about call centers, but rather
    replacing high-paying American jobs with cheap foreign labor.
    Politicians don’t have a clue, and US corporate leaders have no soul,
    and are willing to sell out their own country for an extra buck.
    Shameful. CEOs from a few decades ago would shake their heads at the
    sellout of America going on today. Sad.

  • SSE

    Americans are just too expensive. They want to be able to pay rent and buy food, even raise their children without government benefits! The nerve! Replace them!

  • ex-Democrat

    Any American willing to pay $100 per day for entry into a Disney park is not only stupid but totally un-American, this garbage enterprise needs to go bankrupt.

  • RobUofIllinoisU/C

    Why isn’t someone hacking Disneys servers?

  • DanDKU

    Sadly, only one of the people likely to run for president next term is for stopping the abuse of H1-B visas. That is one person of the likely democrats AND republicans. We know Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barak Obama have greatly accelerated the pace foreign workers are allowed to take American jobs. Every major IT firm I have worked with has been part of the problem and not part of the solution. I could train most Americans to do an IT job, but it’s futile if the companies don’t want to hire them.

  • Crapkiller

    Well, if the board of directors with the vote of the stockholders wants to pay executives large sums, OK. Less for the stockholders. If they want to replace

    mediocre US workers with inexperienced imported foreign workers to replace overpaid US workers, it is the corporation’s right. However if the existing US workers were doing an exemplary job, it is a stupid mistake. A corporation is only as good as it’s employees. I am selling the stock at a high, and shorting it. The company will not succeed with inexperienced workers. There are no better employees in the world than excellent American employees. Slacker government workers who cannot be fired because they are union are the big exception. They get paid for incompetency.

    Bob Iger is trying to pick up a turd by the clean end. Greed is good within reason, but excessive greed kills.

  • Chris English

    I just returned from a trip to Disneyland and offer this prediction. Disneyland will prosper for a few years, then decline as customers, like myself, will be increasingly dissatisfied with their product. As a small business person I am acutely aware of customer satisfaction and Disney is failing in this regard. Aside from the insects in the room, my interaction with the “cast” was challenging due to language barriers. The disconnect between Iger and the guy that pays his $46mm will be his (and stockholders) downfall. While the cheap “guest worker” will be able to effectively communicate with a minority of customers the vast majority will walk away, like myself, without having questions answered, problems solved or other needs met. It is unreasonable to suggest that is incumbent upon the guest to speak the language of every employee (cast member).

  • David

    Disney is not deserving of our patronage. Time to kill off the H-1B visa program.

  • manure2

    H1-B is nothing but a crime wave. The solution is P1-B, politician H1-B visas that can directly replace politicians at a reduced cost.

  • Philly-Buster

    While I believe in capitalism and am a little r republican Disney is everything you should hate about American business. Outsourcing Americans to bring home $46m in bonuses is unethical. It amazes me there board of directors would let this happen. Disney’s brand use to mean something, now it stands for everything bad in business. They are nothing but a bunch of greedy SOB’s. Walt is turning over in his grave. Smart people would boycott this unethical company. I know I will!

  • These firings went down back in October 2014. The NYT waits till after the big 60th anniversary to report on this…too little too late. No hero badge for the NYT.

    • Ron

      I read stories on this many weeks ago, long before the NYT stepped up to the plate with their story, which was more favorable to Disney than the others.

  • tehila sunshine

    undoubtedly this is gov. sponsored and probably going to be discussed at Bilderberg this week. how to further destroy the middle class.

  • These firings went down back in October 2014.

  • TX-BOB

    Never again will I buy a Disney product or watch any movie they make. I’m starting to read again, real printed books and it is great !

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I hope this creates boycott related backlash, but I suspect Americans have lost a lot of the American in them. Parents are competing for the affections of their kids nowadays. No more ‘…good cop/bad cop..’ Only good cop. But, I will boycott Disney any way I can.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      we need to first confirm if this is true.

    • honestynow

      Tell your friends/family/neighbors.
      I also think a phone call/email to Disney is in order.
      Shame on them.

    • Bulldog

      Good for you TX-BOB. Good for you.

    • grassy knoll

      You are a good dude Bob.

  • tree207

    z. Just wait till Mickey and Minnie are worn by AI robots

    • Old Hickory

      They’ll probably run the kids over like Google’s AI cars.

  • StopWastingOurTaxDollars

    Welcome to Obama’s transformation of America.

  • darryl

    Pretty soon you will have to be an immigrant to work in America .

  • Under Dog

    The problem isn’t Disney, SCE or even HD. The problem is the law that allows this to happen.
    We are purposely importing cheaper workers at the cost of American jobs…because the law allows it.
    Congress needs to fix the law. Better yet, let the Divider-in-Chief fix it by executive order….

  • disqus_LqroUg0DK7

    No more trips to Disney, no more Disney films, and a boycott of alk advertisers on ALL their networks are in order. If greed is the name of the game, hit them in the purse.

  • randyrocker

    Takes home forty six million, lets go workers, putting them on the street. Gives nothing back, takes illegals in on the cheap. Nice guy!

  • Dave

    NAFTA Baby….

  • The Boogeyman


  • So many companies are doing this..It’s not just a disney thing, disney just took it to a whole new level. That’s the disney way. One of the final ways to make share holders and board members happy.

    Let’s all stop and thank the fine makers of Iams and Eukanuba, Tide detergents, Pampers diapers, Crest toothpaste and Gillette razors. P&G which makes billions of dollars uses Infosys for it’s outsourcing. Just google P&G Infosys.

    Lets also thank Darden the fine owner of Olive Garden,Longhorn Steakhouse, Seasons 52, Bahama Breeze, etc. for outsourcing to Infosys. Google: Darden Infosys.

    Outsourcing is extensively used by very large (Fortune 1000) american companies. The fine makers of frosted flakes … They’re Great!! So great they use infosys as well. Just google Kelloggs and infosys.

    Leggo by Eggo those frosted flakes that were made by Kellogg also outsources to Infosys.

    Outsourcing helps the companies in the short term and are great for global companies as they have other avenues of income. Strictly american companies will be hurt by this. It will be a vicious catch-22. Hire H1-B or off shore the job, that money spent on outsourcing doesn’t get spent within the US. So to meet or beat wall street lets outsource some more.

    Just like the end of Pensions and the slow loss of quality health benefits, this is the new america.

    I don’t feel bad for my parents generation, or even my generation. I feel bad for the kids graduating college with 100K+ in college loans they need to pay off. Competing in a “global” economy where it’s not what you know, or what school you attended but what is the least amount of money I can pay you or get someone to do the job for.

  • tony

    Won’t go to any Disney movies or parks…

  • james johnston

    Bye Bye Mickey

  • John Wayne

    Keep voting for Socialist. This is what part of the immigration bill is about. H1B Visas! Flood the US market with them!
    Remember Tax serfs you are paid only as much as it takes to replace you.
    Why do you think Mark Zukcerberg is touting Immigration? You think he cares about South Americans? He wants a cheaper labor force! More billions for him! None for you! There will be 2 classes, the ultra rich and working schmuck class.

  • Eric Meckes

    If the American people still give dam about this nation that put Disney on the map in the first place, they will BOYCOTT DISNEY

  • John Wayne

    If you don’t like what Disney is doing you know what to do.

  • CQ50

    What Would Walt Do? Walt Disney would have never stooped so low. No Disney products in my home any more.

  • Rebecca Reese O’Hair

    Disney..I’m done!

  • RealityColin

    Once upon a time, the New Deal came to to America and a great middle class ensued, birthing in the process nearly every significant advancement and cultural achievement that we still cling to as proof of our unique merit.

    Well, now it’s back to the Old Deal.

    And the great sucking sound you hear is everything worthwhile going down the drain… as the NSA makes sure there is no resistance.

  • Friend of Abe

    I had a family friend that worked for Disney many years ago (1980’s) and the employees referred to their employer as the rat back then.

  • Jjr74

    Disney…The Greediest Place on Earth!

  • CatHammer

    And yet they’ll still claim that they have to hire foreign workers because they can’t find qualified Americans.

  • Obama Lied People Died

    remember folks, Disney loves to vote and support democrats. a lot of these workers are Mexicans. democrats love this

  • Dennis Johnson

    So keep demanding $15 an hour……this is what you will see,

  • Build a burger

    Remember who owns the next three star wars movies. Go to their site and see what else they have. Nothing that looks interesting anyway.

  • gary2505Texas

    Boycott Disney

  • Anonymous Guy

    Of course when I called to question them if this story were true I’d never spend another penny on any of there products they lied.
    Walt is spinning in his grave.

  • So Cal Guest

    I’m going to start email all advertisers of abc, ESPN and other Disney owned business to tell them I’m done with them. Boycott, he’ll yeah boycott. Screw Disney. Their movies are garbage and the sports stations are talking politics when I want a repreave from the polarization from the slummy politicians. I’m done with ABC and Disney. I will let them and their advertisers know I’m not supporting them. One at a time. We can make a difference; one at a time.

  • carlyle_ny

    “Bob Iger, who took home $46 million in compensation” … and paid his clerks and secretaries $20,000 a year so that they had to go on public assistance when they got sick? Hey folks, when these big executives pull in the millions … where do think it’s coming from????

  • cdw

    Disney owns the ABC Television Network.

  • awotter

    H1 B visas have been abused by the tech industry for thirty years. Microsoft HR recruiting is famous in Seattle for writing job descriptions only one (foreign) candidate meets and then hiring under H1 B

  • Keith NSA is watching

    I just wish the layed off employees would start executing the CEOs that pull this crud. That would put an end to out sourcing.

  • lesgvt

    Funny how the left wing liberal complain about stagnating wages, and big profits by those evil corporations, and then discover how their very own fellow liberal are the worst culprits

  • lesgvt

    the question now becomes- how long until these HB-1 imports get replaced with robots that work for free?

  • Chingpei

    Disney Executives have had a long History of being the CHEAPEST people in Hollywood … Arrogant and CHEAP Every One of Them !!!!

  • washyourtongue

    Really folks….been to Disneyland or World lately? Family of 4 getting there say $1,000. 3 nights at a Disney hotel, $1,000. 2 day park hopper for a family of 4 is $800. Lets add in food….$200 per day and snacks $50 per day. This is $750 for 3 days. You will need some souvenirs averaging say $150 each ($600). Don’t forget transportation say $50 per person ($200). Probably more would be needed but this adds up to $4,100 for 3 days. What do you get for this? In Florida you get exhausting lines, sweaty weather and crowds beyond belief. It takes you 1/2 hour to 1 hour to get to the park and when you go home at night you get to do it again. Your kids are exhausted and cranky. In California you may not get the humidity, but the dance is the same. Long lines, few rides completed in a day, unbelieveably crowded shows and parades and exhausted kids. I have been going to Disneyland for the whole 60 years it has been in business and will tell you that like a lot of things it just is not the same. Today it is actualy an awful experience and the Disney greed is everywhere. It is beyond me why people even go. It is beyond me how anyone thinks this is a magic kingdom unless maybe there is some magic in getting people to spend all that money on something which is so obviously not fun. Bottom line…find something else to do with your money.

  • even though this is not good news…in a few years Artificial Intelligence Android Robots will replace most of these foreign workers, and then one day these robots will be replaced with holograms…. Disneyland may be one giant artificially controlled hologram very soon… seen through your virtual glasses, and all senses of body controlled … like living in a real life movie …may never leave home….

  • Paul Noel

    The Disney company is probably also using contractors to avoid the real numbers. This is the problem across the industrial wasteland because you can hide what you are doing so well.

    I challenge any congressman to look for himself. Read the Congressional Record and see all of the claims for “Free Trade” made by its proponents. Then I challenge them to open their eyes and look and see if what was said in favor of it actually happened.

    Then if the claims are true, vote for TPP! I mean it do it! But if the claims are false then I suggest that they do something radical: Sweep the liars from their halls and forbid them ever again from testimony before congress. And never vote for such a betrayal of America again!

    I challenged Jeff Sessions this early in his career when he voted for such programs and I couldn’t stop him. Look at him now! Bluntly there is not one claim of the supporters of TPP, NAFTA, GATT and the rest of their ilk who delivered on one claim of theirs.

    Look people, these congress critters have proof in front of them that the program is a betrayal. It actually contains provisions to “retrain” workers who are displaced!

  • Kantorek

    This is another reason not to patronize Disney. These foreign visa were supposed to be used by companies who cannot find qualified American workers. It appears that our politicians and president are working against America. Not surprising, considering their record. We need to form a boycott of all companies who hire foreigners over Americans As far as I am concerned, these companies are traitors.

  • nobody

    I don’t see where the problem is – isn’t it what capitalism is all about, maximizing the profit? Is the author really yearning a socialist government, one that will tell private owners who to hire and for how much?

  • ZombieStomp

    Who does the corporate model think their paying customers are? I mean, while they’re eating their own young? Times must be veeerrrry tough indeed, and sure to get tougher now that this is out.

  • bikerdogred1

    Time to see America before it turns into DisneyLand.

  • Stafford A. Kingsley

    I guess all of their prices will be dropping soon as a result of this infusion of cheap labor.

  • Jimbob

    The liberal/RINO war on workers continues.
    They are pro slavery.

  • Gary White

    Corporate support for unlimited immigration was purchased by the government looking the other way when H1B visas are abused. They have offshored all the jobs they can, now they are bringing them in to take the rest of the jobs. This is only the beginning.

  • juandos

    he forced hundreds of them to train their own replacements—temporary foreign workers here on H-1B guestworker visas—before he laid them off“…

    Forced?!?! Ha! Ha! Ha!…

    What did Iger do? Hold a gun to their heads? Hold their families hostage?

  • Jean

    I don’t go to the movies very much very little in fact I may only go once a year if that. I will never go too see a Disney movie again. Instead if I want to watch I will watch it FREE on the internet until Obama and his gang change that. I go out of my way to buy American products it is very hard, but I do what I can. Well thanks again for those of you who voted for Obama you really messed up your kids future and your grandchildren. I think it is time we thought about our country and doing what is right for it and not worrying about pleasing the rest of the world cause they ain’t worried about us.

  • Heroes, Americans and a Brit.


  • dougtheavenger

    Disney broke the law and the law should be illegal.

    For starters, the H1-B visa program is not supposed to be used to replace American workers. Obama is not enforcing this law either;

    Secondly, the H1-B visa program creates a semi-captive labor force which should be in violation of some human rights provision in either our constitution or international law because an H1-B visa binds a worker to a specific employer. These workers are allowed to work for Disney and Disney only, under the current visa.

  • JackBootedThug

    Read !Adios America! by Ann Coulter…it’ll curl your hair if it isn’t already.

  • dok dokki

    I’ve already started looking at what i buy and what i watch for entertainment more closely. Boycott the traitors.

  • Bongo Tau’Kat Talasko

    Gotta love that Harley Davidson, the most American of motorcycles, is outsourcing labor. U S…whatever.

  • JackBootedThug

    We are being turned into a Third World nation. Just keep repeating “Diversity is our strength” and all will be magically well. Have a whimsical day.

  • JackBootedThug

    It goes beyond Disney. Hate to say it, but companies are playing by the rules that Congress has put in place. Want a different outcome? Then get rid of Congress and start over again. For those of you that can’t bother to vote…sit down and shut up because you’re a big part of the problem.

  • GozieBoy

    Disneyland, like the Obamanation, is a horrible place to live. Once management and stockholders see just how rapidly their cherished brand is losing its panache and “wholesomeness” in America, which took 50 years to build, then they may change.

  • Jim Davis

    Walt is rolling over in his grave.

  • Michael

    “H-1B guestworkers are cheaper than American workers and don’t have much
    bargaining power, and any company would be foolish not to take advantage
    of this highly lucrative business model that has been inadvertently
    created by Congress and multiple presidential administrations.”

    Inadvertently? Not a chance. This was all well-planned from top to bottom.

    “Of course, this business model is paid for by destroying the livelihoods and dignity of tens of thousands of American workers.”

    Of course. That’s the idea.

  • tryagain

    Done with Disney myself, want my money but if all the money goes to foreign employment what makes you think Americans can afford your overpriced parks and products. Screw Disney.

  • Sean Gaffney

    Congress and the President need to back up their words about protecting American workers and immediately end the H1-B program. It’s obvious ass this article points out that this program is being abused by corporations. It was meant to bring in foreign workers who had skills Americans don’t have, but these companies are replacing Americans with foreigners only because they are cheaper. Email you’re Congressman and tell him/her to end the H1-B program, and if they don’t do it, vote them out of office. And write Disney and tell them you’ll never go to Disneyworld again until they stop hiring H1-B workers and bring back the Americans.

  • Rush_Fan

    Is anyone surprised? The executives of Disney and ABC are Democrats! A search of OpenSecrets shows that in the 2014 elections, 69% of their donations went to Democrats. In 2012, 72% of Disney political donations went to Democrats.

    Remember the mantra of Democrats: Do as we say, not as we do. Democrats are a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Derigitable

    The Center for Immigration Studies found out that the federal govt is giving American employers $11,400 per alien that they hire. PLUS, the federal govt is not making the employer pay ANY payroll taxes on these aliens.

    Face it, America: Your taxes are being used to displace you from the workplace.

    Can you blame these employers? Imagine how much money they’re raking in by firing you.

  • Mr Monte 24

    Our Family has been visiting Disneyworld on-and-off for the past 25 Years. We have noticed a perceptible drop-off in the Quality and Competency of Service the greatest being a clear English language barrier on the part of these guest employees. Sadly the bottom line is going to Disneyworld during the past 5 Years has become like visiting the local Exxon, Dunkin-Doughnuts or Motel-6. Staffed by foreigners from India, Pakistan and Vietnam who can’t use, comprehend or speak English, apart from some “pre-cooked phrases” an calling Customer Service is become a fruitless effort. This Year we are skipping DW/Orlando entirely and opting for a visit to Coastal SC and GA instead. Mr. Iger may have inflated Disney Stock by his cheapening of operating costs, but like everything else, you get exactly what you pay for in the long term and end-game. .

  • tom richardson

    A deeper question is-what motivates a nation to replace its own employed citizens with non citizen guest workers? I suppose the same answer is profits, but in the form of political donations. Very sick.

  • Who won the Cold War?

  • George Startcos

    95 million Americans not working, 20 million foreign workers, 10 million more foreign workers on the way. The billionaires and their greed are making “US Warming”, and this country is going to get so hot it will burn. Forget way into the future, it is coming soon. Ask anyone.

  • barbara

    If you care at all about American workers, you will boycott Disney and do it now. And don’t buy ANYTHING with the Disney label on it.

  • Steve

    Evidently this is ok per their state labor laws. It’s also ok for people to not purchase any Disney products or go to their parks. Walt would be so ashamed.

  • Culdees2020

    Only the Clinton’s appear greedier than Democrat Mickey Mouse and the corporate Democrats who dominate the company.

  • JoeUSA

    Boycott Disney! This is treason!

  • Arthur Burnside

    This article is rather stupid – those temp visas were to provide workers for American companies when no U.S. workers were available. They were not
    supposed to replace U.S. workers. So who is claiming shortages for these workers ? Are those other companies mentioned doing the samereplacement Disney is? Crappy article.

  • Escoffier

    Disney is not the only company doing this and they ALL need to be boycotted. A&E network has done this also and has only a few US citizen IT workers who “supervise” the rest. If you look at which companies are doing it you really wouldn’t be missing much by boycotting.

  • rrsltx

    Thr displaced middle class will eventually rise up and revolt and communism will ensue. Way to go .1%

  • Clay Cullum

    Bob Iger wants to pay more taxes.

  • Aegius

    As an IT worker, I say BOYCOTT DISNEY.

  • grassy knoll

    Americans need to boycott Disney, that is if there are any actual citizens left.

  • JoeUSA

    This is treason! This is war on the American worker by an American corporation, disgraceful!

  • JoeUSA

    I’m never buying a Disney product ever again!