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Impact of Bush budget on aid to state and local

Impact of Bush budget on aid to state and local governments

The Bush Administration’s budget proposal, if enacted, will seriously affect federal discretionary grant-in-aid programs provided to state and local governments. Overall, these programs would be cut by 6.9% in FY2002 and by 11.2% in FY2011.

An EPI Briefing Paper, Changes in federal aid to state and local governments, as proposed in the Bush Administration FY2002 budget, by Lawrence Mishel, presents the impact of the Bush budget proposal by state and program.

The report presents data on federal discretionary (non-entitlement) aid to states and localities for 192 programs, totaling $122 billion in FY2001. This amount represents 87% of total discretionary federal spending for state and local governments; it also represents about 38% of all federal non-defense discretionary spending and roughly 10% of total spending by state and local governments.

Read the report and the methodology behind the projections.

Click on the map below for details of the spending impact of the Bush budget proposal, in sum and by program, for each state or territory. A spreadsheet available for each state has information on all 192 program areas examined in the report. These spreadsheets have been constructed to allow the user to display every program or just the largest forty programs. Read the useful tips section for more information on how to configure these spreadsheets.



















Acrobat / PDF Download the entire report in Acrobat (PDF) format (Introduction and 54 tables, 306 kb)