Figure 13

Share of workers earning poverty-level hourly wages, 1979 and 2013

Gender Age 1979 2013
Men 25–34 10.8% 26.1%
Men 35–44 7.6% 15.4%
Women 25–34 33.3% 30.5%
Women 35–44 36.2% 23.8%
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Note: The poverty-level wage is calculated using an estimate of the four-person weighted average poverty threshold in 2013 of $23,834 (based on the 2010 threshold updated for inflation, from the U.S. Census Bureau). This is divided by 2,080 hours to obtain a poverty-level hourly wage of $11.46 in 2013. The poverty-level wage is roughly equal to two-thirds of the median hourly wage. This figure is deflated by the CPI-U-RS (Consumer Price Index Research Series Using Current Methods) to obtain the poverty-level wage levels for other years.

Source: Economic Policy Institute analysis of U.S. Census Bureau and Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group

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