Figure K

Undergraduate majors favored by women pay less 10 years after graduation: Undergraduate major by gender and salary 10 years after graduation

Salary 10 years after graduation (2015 $’s) Percent female
Engineering $90,196 13.8%
History $60,560 38.9%
Math and science $72,930 40.2%  
Business and management $70,868 46.2% 
Biological sciences $60,560 47.9%
Social science $64,425 50.6% 
Other $59,014 57.2%
Humanities $52,829 59.2%
Public affairs/social services $52,829 59.4% 
Psychology $51,540 73.6%
Health professions $68,291 74.7%
Education $47,417 78.7%
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Notes: Salaries are based on the current or most recent salary of college graduates of the class of 1993 10 years after graduation in 2003. The salaries are then inflated to 2015 dollars using the CPI-U for easier comparison with today's wages. The percentage of graduates who are female by major is based on a survey of college students graduating in 1993 for consistency.

Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, B&B: 93/03 Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study

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