Figure 14

Columbus, Ohio school operators: Distribution of enrollment by school operator in Columbus, Ohio (city boundaries) in the 2011–2012 school year

Manager  Enrollment  Percent of total enrollment
Concept Schools           1,152 1.3%
District         69,105 76.0%
Edvantages           1,015 1.1%
eSchool Consultants           2,022 2.2%
Imagine Schools, Inc.           1,783 2.0%
Institute of Management and Resources, Inc.              176 0.2%
KIPP Foundation              211 0.2%
Leona Group, LLC              341 0.4%
Mosaica Education, Inc.           1,483 1.6%
Other Charter         13,186 14.5%
Summit Academy Management              119 0.1%
White Hat Management              362 0.4%
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Source: National Center for Education Statistics' Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data and Gary Miron and Charisse Gulosino (2013)

Gary Miron and Charisse Gulosino, Profiles of For-Profit and Nonprofit Education Management Organizations, 14th Edition (Boulder, Colo: National Education Policy Center, 2013)

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