Table 1

Major work stoppages in 2020

Organization involved Number of workers involved
Swedish Medical Centers nurses 7,800
Bath Iron Works shipbuilders 4,300
University of Illinois nurses 3,700
St. Paul Minnesota public school teachers 3,600
Asarco workers 1,800
Cook County health workers and sheriff’s employees 1,600
University of Michigan graduate students 1,200
San Joaquin County nurses 1,000

Note: The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not distinguish between strikes and lockouts in its work stoppage data. However, lockouts (which are initiated by management) are rare relative to strikes, and all of the work stoppages in the table were strikes.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Major Work Stoppages in 2020” (news release), February 19, 2021, and related table, “Detailed Monthly Listing, 1993–Present.”

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