Pay 6.1 million workers the overtime they deserve

Tell the Department of Labor that you support updating America’s outdated overtime policy.

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May 2015

To: U.S. Department of Labor

As you prepare to release new rules relating to overtime salary, please stand on the side of American workers by increasing the threshold to at least $50,000. This will help 6.1 million salaried workers and their families.

Any change the DOL proposes will inevitably be met with outrage from many in the business community. Don’t allow their deep pockets and Washington lobbyists to impact your decision. When you stand with millions of American workers, we will stand with you.

Right now in America, salaried workers earning $23,660 per year, or just $455 per week, can be denied overtime pay, even when made to work 60 or 70 hours a week. In the coming days, the Department of Labor is expected to introduce a proposed rule change to allow millions more workers to become eligible for overtime.

The Economic Policy Institute is strongly urging the DOL to increase the overtime salary threshold to at least $50,000, which would make 6.1 million additional American workers eligible to receive overtime pay.

Any significant increase will be a victory for American workers but will likely be met with outrage by many in the business community. Even prior to the DOL’s release of the new rules, the National Retail Federation is opposing the rule change and misrepresenting the positive impacts it would have on millions of salaried workers and their families.

Tell the DOL to take a strong stance on overtime and help 6.1 million workers or more. Together we can take on Big Business and increase the pay of millions of American workers.