Elaine Weiss

Former National Coordinator, Broader Bolder Approach to Education Campaign

Areas of expertise

Education policy • Early childhood education • Accountability systems • Racial and social justice


Elaine Weiss is the former National Coordinator of the Broader, Bolder Approach to Education. BBA was a national education policy campaign launched by the Economic Policy Institute to call attention to the many impacts of poverty-related impediments to effective teaching and learning and promote strategies to mitigate those impacts. She authored in-depth case studies of diverse communities across the country that employ integrated student supports to advance whole-child education systems. Those studies are the basis for a book she is co-authoring with Paul Reville for the Harvard Education Press, Broader, Bolder, Better: How Schools and Communities Help Students Overcome the Disadvantages of Poverty. Dr. Weiss’s research interests include early childhood education, incorporating community voice in school improvement, and education policies that advance racial and social justice.


Ph.D., Public Policy, George Washington University
J.D., Harvard Law School