Chetan Cetty

Ph.D. Candidate

Chetan Cetty is a philosophy Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania where he works on issues in political and moral philosophy. Chetan’s current research concerns how moral and political theories should be constructed, including questions about the proper role of idealization within such theories, what standards of feasibility are appropriate, and how concerns about alienation and action-guidingness should bear on such theories.

While his primary research focuses on more foundational questions, he maintains a strong interest in the ethics of various pressing policy questions in our society today, such as the ethics of gun control, the impact of automation on work, the design of accident algorithms in self-driving cars, and the problem that social media poses for a just democratic order. He currently serves as a Critical Speaking Fellow at the Penn Communication with the Curriculum (CWiC) program where he teaches a course on ethics and public policy.  He holds a Master’s degree in philosophy from Georgia State University.