Figure B

Share of aggregate state budget gap and state public employee job cuts accounted for by newly red states* plus Texas, 2011

12 all-red states
Share of aggregate state job cuts 71.8%
Share of aggregate state budget gap 12.5%
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Note: "Newly red states" refers to the 11 states that in November 2010 had newly put Republicans in control of all branches of state government. They include Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Source: Bryce Covert and Mike Konczal, The GOP’s State Project of Slashing the Public Workforce, Roosevelt Institute, March 27, 2012,; Elizabeth McNichol, Phil Oliff, and Nicholas Johnson, States Continue to Feel Recession’s Impact, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, January 9, 2012,

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