Table 9A

Trade and wages in importing and exporting industries trading with China, 2001–2011

China trade weighted vs. nontraded industries
Average weekly wages by education group (dollars) Percent difference in wages (imports over exports) Average weekly wages, all minority workers* (dollars) Percent difference in wages (imports over exports)
Jobs supported by exports (A) $872.89 17.0% $701.21 21.6%
Jobs displaced by imports (B) $1,021.66 $852.83
Nontraded industries (C) $791.14 $679.63
Traded vs. nontrade wages
Difference Traded wage premium Difference Traded wage premium
Exports (D = A – C) $81.75 10.3% $21.58 3.2%
Imports (E = B – C) $230.52 29.1% $173.20 25.5%

*Excludes non-Hispanic white workers.

Note: Average wages by education group are from a 3-year pooled sample of workers by industry from 2009–2011.

Source: Author's analysis of Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group microdata, and Scott (2012)

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