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Pulling Apart: A State-by-State Analysis of Income Trends
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United States Overview

Alabama Hawaii Michigan North Carolina Utah Alaska Idaho Minnesota North Dakota Vermont Arizona Illinois Mississippi Ohio Virginia Arkansas Indiana Missouri Oklahoma Washington California Iowa Montana Oregon West Virginia Colorado Kansas Nebraska Pennsylvania Wisconsin Connecticut Kentucky Nevada Rhode Island Wyoming Delaware Louisiana New Hampshire South Carolina To access these PDF files, right-click on the underlined text, click “Save Link As,” download to your directory, and open document in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Dist of Columbia Maine New Jersey South Dakota Florida Maryland New Mexico Tennessee Georgia Massachusetts New York Texas

Press Release (5pp, 72K) | Entire Report (78pp, 984K) | Executive Summary, I. Introduction (20pp, 84K)
II. The Long-Term Trend: The Late 1970s to the Late 1990s (16pp, 421K) | III. The Recent Trend: The Late 1980s to the Late 1990s(12pp, 335K)
IV. Causes and Cures: State Policy Options, V. Conclusion, Methodological Appendix (30pp, 161K)

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