Quiz How fair is your job?

If you get the flu can you take a paid sick day? Do you know in advance when you are going work and what you will get paid? Do you have the right to take your employer to court if you are discriminated against or harassed at work? Take this quiz and find out how your job stacks up in an age of eroding worker rights.
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Data sources and additional resources

The data in this quiz come from Celine McNicholas, Samantha Sanders, and Heidi Shierholz, First Day Fairness: An Agenda to Build Worker Power and Ensure Job Quality, Economic Policy Institute, August 22, 2018; Josh Bivens et al., How Today’s Unions Help Working People: Giving Workers the Power to Improve Their Jobs and Unrig the Economy, Economic Policy Institute, August 24, 2017; and “The Productivity–Pay Gap” (web page), Economic Policy Institute, updated August 2018. The salary thresholds for different wage percentiles in question one are as of 2016. The union membership rate in the quiz is for wage and salary workers as of 2017. The union wage advantage is relative to comparable workers in the same sector. If you are not in a union but are interested in learning more, visit this link.

In addition to these sources, you can find more information on worker rights issues in EPI’s Minimum Wage Tracker and EPI’s Worker Rights Preemption in the US map, from EPI’s “Right to work” web page, and in the EPI report on mandatory arbitration by Alexander J.S. Colvin, The Growing Use of Mandatory Arbitration: Access to the Courts Is Now Barred for More Than 60 Million American Workers, Economic Policy Institute, April 6, 2018.