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EPI’s President Lawrence Mishel to Appear at Netroots Nation

Date: July 18, 2014

Beyond Livable Wage: Creative Strategies to Get to the Root of Inequality

When:     Friday, Jul. 18 3:00 PM

Where:   COBO Convention Center

Room: 140 E

Detroit, MI

Around the country, progressives are pushing for much-needed increases in the minimum wage toward a more realistic “livable wage.” However, what else can we do to change the debate to focus on some of the root causes of inequality? From the exploitative practices of a company like Walmart to the money big corporations pull out of state and local treasuries, the practices of the biggest corporations are directly driving median wages down and concentrating income. Our panel will look at some strategies to highlight these practices and empower progressives to fight back.

Erica Smiley (JWJ)
Saket Soni (National Guestworker Alliance)
Lawrence Mishel (EPI)
Andrea Dehlendorf (Making Change at Walmart)
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)


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