Simplified Family Credit (SFC)

Tax relief for working people: The Simplified Family Credit (SFC)

What is the SFC?
The Simplified Family Credit (SFC) is proposed as a replacement for the dependent exemption for children, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the Child Tax Credit (CTC), and the Additional Child Credit (ACC). In a nutshell, it unifies, simplifies, and expands benefits for families with children in the Federal individual income tax. It is fully refundable, which means that even if your tax liability is zero, as long as you do work and have labor earnings, you still receive the benefit in the form of a cash refund from the IRS. If you do not have labor earnings, you cannot receive the credit as a cash refund, but it still does reduce any income tax liability you may have. The SFC was first proposed by Robert Cherry, of Brooklyn College, and Max B. Sawicky, of the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), in the paper published in 2000 by EPI, Giving Tax Credit Where Credit is Due: A ‘Universal Unified Child Credit’ that expands the EITC and cuts taxes for working families.

Tax simplification
The SFC replaces approximately 200 pages of instructions, worksheets, forms, and tables in the current tax code with this postcard-sized form.

SFC Calculator
Calculate your savings under the SFC tax proposal


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