Demand Donald Trump really support working people

Thank you for taking action to hold Donald Trump and the GOP controlled Congress accountable to working people.

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Subject: Tell Trump: Don’t threaten workers’ rights

Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress may be preparing to revoke a suite of Obama-era executive orders that have provided basic protections for U.S. workers.

I signed the petition demanding that Donald Trump enact an agenda that protects working people—not one that guts rules that support good jobs and workers’ rights.

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These executive orders were important steps taken by the previous administration to raise wages, improve worker safety, and ensure that taxpayer dollars do not support companies that break the law.

Hold President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans accountable! Don’t let them turn back the clock on workers’ rights.

Sign the petition today! Demand Donald Trump and Congress protect—not gut—rules that support workers:

If President Trump were serious about enacting a real agenda that supports working people, he would not gut rules that support good jobs and workers’ rights.


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Sign the petition today demanding Donald Trump stop his assault on working people. #AntiWorkerPresident