Call your senators today. Tell them to stop the American Health Care Act.

The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on health care repeal this month. And your senators could make all the difference in stopping this disastrous bill.

1. Find the phone numbers for your two senators in the list below:

CA  Sen. Feinstein  (202) 224-3841
CA  Sen. Harris  (202) 224-3553
CT  Sen. Blumenthal  (202) 224-2823
CT  Sen. Murphy  (202) 224-4041
DE  Sen. Carper  (202) 224-2441
DE  Sen. Coons  (202) 224-5042
HI  Sen. Hirono  (202) 224-6361
HI  Sen. Schatz  (202) 224-3934
IL  Sen. Duckworth  (202) 224-2854
IL  Sen. Durbin  (202) 224-2152
MA  Sen. Markey  (202) 224-2742
MA  Sen. Warren  (202) 224-4543
MD  Sen. Cardin  (202) 224-4524
MD  Sen. Van Hollen  (202) 224-4654
MN  Sen. Franken  (202) 224-5641
MN  Sen. Klobuchar  (202) 224-3244
NH  Sen. Hassan  (202) 224-3324
NH  Sen. Shaheen  (202) 224-2841
NJ  Sen. Booker  (202) 224-3224
NJ  Sen. Menendez  (202) 224-4744
NM  Sen. Heinrich  (202) 224-5521
NM  Sen. Udall  (202) 224-6621
NY  Sen. Gillibrand  (202) 224-4451
NY  Sen. Schumer  (202) 224-6542
OR  Sen. Merkley  (202) 224-3753
OR  Sen. Wyden  (202) 224-5244
RI  Sen. Reed  (202) 224-4642
RI  Sen. Whitehouse  (202) 224-2921
VA  Sen. Kaine  (202) 224-4024
VA  Sen. Warner  (202) 224-2023
VT  Sen. Leahy  (202) 224-4242
VT  Sen. Sanders  (202) 224-5141
WA  Sen. Cantwell  (202) 224-3441
WA  Sen. Murray  (202) 224-2621

Don’t see your senator on this list? They still need to hear from you! You can look up their phone number here.

2. Use this call script:

To: Democratic Senators

Hello, my name is ______. I live in CITY, STATE and I’m a constituent of Senator _____.

I want to thank the Senator for their strong opposition to Republican health care repeal legislation. And I’d like to urge the Senator to speak up against and vote against this disastrous bill.

Whether it’s by introducing hundreds, if not thousands of amendments to delay a vote, or stopping the bill through other parliamentary means―the Senator’s continued leadership is needed now more than ever.

We can’t allow Mitch McConnell and Republicans in Congress to kick millions of people off of their health care just to give a tax cut to the rich.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts with the Senator, urging them to use any means necessary to stop the American Health Care Act.

3. Report the result of your call here: