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State of Working…

Prepared biennially since 1988, The State of Working America sums up the problems and challenges facing American workers, presenting a wide variety of data on family incomes, taxes, wages, unemployment, wealth, and poverty. Each year, EPI also works closely with state groups through the Economic Analysis and Research Network. These groups provide a local perspective on economic trends facing working families and offer a valuable supplement to the information contained in The State of Working America. In 2004, groups from 25 states participated in “State of Working…,” making it our most successful collaboration to date. Reports from previous years  are also available in many cases.

Click on the map below to go to the “State of Working…” report in your state.


State of Working . . . ARKANSAS
Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (Report forthcoming.)

State of Working . . . ARIZONA
Children’s Action Alliance

State of Working . . . CALIFORNIA
California Budget Project

State of Working . . . COLORADO
Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute

State of Working . . . CONNECTICUT
Connecticut Voices for Children

State of Working . . . FLORIDA
Center for Labor Research and Studies

State of Working . . . ILLINOIS
Regional Development Institute at Northern Illinois University

Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

State of Working . . . INDIANA
Indiana Institue for Working Families

State of Working . . . IOWA
Iowa Policy Project & press releases/040903-labor day.pdf

State of Working . . . MAINE
Maine Centerfor Economic Policy

State of Working . . . MASSACHUSETTS
Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center

State of Working . . . MICHIGAN
Michigan League for Human Services (Report forthcoming.)

State of Working . . . MINNESOTA
Jobs Now Coalition and Minnesota Budget Project

State of Working . . . NEW JERSEY
New Jersey Policy Perspectives (Report forthcoming.)

State of Working . . . NEW MEXICO
New Mexico Voices for Children

State of Working . . . NEW YORK
Fiscal Policy Institute

State of Working . . . NORTH CAROLINA
North Carolina Budget and Tax Center

State of Working . . . OHIO
Policy Matters Ohio

State of Working . . . OREGON
Oregon Center for Public Policy

State of Working . . . PENNSYLVANIA
Keystone Research Center

State of Working . . . TEXAS
Center for Public Policy Priorities

State of Working . . . UTAH
Utah Issues

State of Working . . . WISCONSIN
Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS)

State of Working . . . WASHINGTON
Economic Opportunity Institute

State of Working . . . WEST VIRGINIA
Institute for Labor Studies and Research (Report forthcoming.)

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