What is RSS?


As of Jan. 1, 2008, EPI is using Feedburner to distribute its RSS feed. Please update your feed reader by subscribing to our new feed URL at http://feeds.feedburner.com/epi

What is RSS?

RSS feeds offer a means for Web sites to deliver their most recent content to users. Users subscribe to RSS feeds for sites they’re interested in by using an RSS news reader.  An RSS news reader is software that automatically gathers headlines, descriptions, and links to new content from multiple Web sites into a single, easily browsable interface. Users can then see new content from many sites without the trouble of checking each site. 

RSS news readers (also known as RSS news aggregators) are available as standalone software programs, plug-ins to email clients (e.g., Outlook), Web browsers (e.g., Firefox), or via services hosted on third-party Web sites, such as those offered by Yahoo!, Bloglines, and other sites. RSS Compendium maintains a comprehensive list of news readers.  

Read more about RSS at the BBC, Slate, and Wired Web sites.

Please direct inquiries about EPI’s RSS feed to webmaster@epi.org.