Demand Donald Trump really support working people

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Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress may be preparing to revoke a suite of Obama-era executive orders that have provided basic protections for U.S. workers.

The executive orders implemented by the previous administration were important steps to:

Provide paid sick leave for federal contractors

Limit gender and race wage discrimination by increasing pay transparency

Boost wage growth by requiring a minimum wage of $10.20 for federal contractors—lower than what is needed but higher than the current federal minimum wage of $7.25

Safeguard federal contract workers from being forced into unfair internal arbitration systems that make it harder to fight back against discrimination, wage theft, and other violations of worker rights

Require transparency from contractors about violations of labor laws and ensure that federal dollars don’t reward unscrupulous employers

Approximately 25 percent of the U.S. workforce is employed by companies that do business with the federal government, representing $500 billion of business each year on contracts for goods and services.

The Obama-era executive orders hardly constitute a radical agenda. Instead, it is the highly anticipated actions by President Trump and the GOP controlled Congress that signal something radical—a radical assault on the workers candidate Trump claimed to support.

Stand with the Economic Policy Institute today. Sign the petition demanding that President Donald Trump and Congress really support working people.

To: President Donald Trump

If you are serious about supporting working people, you would advance an agenda designed to promote a fair economy, not revoke executive orders that have improved the wages and working conditions of millions of working people. We demand that you not gut rules that support good jobs and workers’ rights. We demand that you not eliminate paid sick leave for over one million federal contract workers. We demand that you immediately abandon your radical assault on working people.