TiSA: A Secret Trade Agreement That Will Usurp America’s Authority to Make Immigration Policy

Proponents of Trade Promotion Authority (aka fast-track trade negotiating authority), which the House of Representatives will likely vote on soon, have made an unequivocal promise that future trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will explicitly exclude any provisions that would require a change to U.S. immigration law, regulations, policy, or practices. Many members of Congress in both parties have expressed concern that trade agreements might limit America’s ability to set immigration policy. Republican congressmen Paul Ryan and Robert Goodlatte have responded by explicitly assuring members of their party that there will be no immigration provisions in any trade bill.

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman has stated in an interrogatory with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and via letter that nothing is being negotiated in the TPP that “would require any modification to U.S. immigration law or policy or any changes to the U.S. visa system.”

Furthermore, just a few weeks ago, the Senate Finance Committee released a statement titled “TPA Drives High-Quality Trade Agreements, Not Immigration Law: The Administration Has No Authority Under TPA or Any Pending Trade Agreement to Unilaterally Change U.S. Immigration Laws,” and the committee’s May 12 report on the Fast Track bill that was eventually passed by the full Senate contained this relevant language:

For many years, Congress has made it abundantly clear that international trade agreements should not change, nor require any change, to U.S. immigration law and practice…

The Committee continues to believe that it is not appropriate to negotiate in a trade agreement any provision that would (1) require changes to U.S. immigration law, regulations, policy, or practice; (2) accord immigration-related benefits to parties to trade agreements; (3) commit the United States to keep unchanged, with respect to nationals of parties to trade agreements, one or more existing provisions of U.S. immigration law, policy, or practice; or (4) expand to additional countries immigration-related commitments already made by the United States in earlier trade agreements.

Congress’ intent could not be any clearer, but there’s strong evidence to doubt that these assurances will be upheld. If you read these statements closely, you’ll see that most of them concern only the TPP and its lack of impact on immigration policy. But the Trade in Services Agreement, or “TiSA”—another trade deal being negotiated in secret by the Obama administration—is another story; there is little doubt that it will constrain the future ability of the United States Congress to regulate U.S. immigration policy. In fact, deregulating the U.S. work visa system, and therefore opening it up to foreign corporations that provide services (as opposed to goods) is the explicit purpose of an entire annex (section) in TiSA, entitled “Movement of Natural Persons.” The text was heretofore secret until Wikileaks published it on its website last week.

It should be noted that much of the text is a proposed draft for negotiation, and within the text, numerous parts of specific provisions are bracketed to denote which countries support or oppose particular sections or language within sections. But the thrust of the text in the annex is clear. For example, Article 4 is about the schedules (i.e., lists) of commitments that countries will have to put together regarding the “Entry and Temporary Stay of Natural Persons,” and a proposed version of Article 4, Section 2 would prohibit member states from “maintain[ing] or adopt[ing] Economic Needs Tests, including labor market tests, as a requirement for a visa or work permit” in the sectors where commitments are made. (In other words, U.S. laws or regulations limiting guestworkers only to jobs where no U.S. workers were available would violate the terms of the treaty.)

Proposed draft Article 5, Section 1 then requires that “Each Party shall take market access and national treatment commitments for intra-corporate transferees, business visitors and categories delinked from commercial presence: contractual service suppliers and independent professionals.” Section 3 gets more specific about the sectors of the economy where member states will have to allow access to intra-corporate transferees, business visitors, contractual service suppliers, and independent professionals:

3. Subject to any terms, limitations, conditions and qualifications that the Party sets out in its Schedule, Parties shall allow entry and temporary stay of [contractual service suppliers and independent professionals3] for a minimum of [X%] of the following sectors/sub-sectors:

Professional services:

  1. Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services (CPC 862)
  2. Architectural services (CPC 8671)
  3. Engineering services (CPC 8672)
  4. Integrated engineering services (CPC 8673)
  5. Urban planning and landscape architectural services (CPC 8674)
  6. Medical & dental services (CPC 9312)
  7. Veterinary services (CPC 932)
  8. Services provided by midwives, nurses, physiotherapists and paramedical personnel (CPC 93191)

Computer and related services:

  1. Consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware (CPC 841)
  2. Software implementation services (CPC 842)
  3. Data processing services (CPC 843)
  4. Data base services (CPC 844)
  5. Other (CPC 845+849)

Research and Development services:

  1. R&D services on natural sciences (CPC 851)
  2. R&D services on social sciences and humanities (CPC 852)
  3. Interdisciplinary R&D services (CPC 853)

Other business services

  1. Advertising services (CPC 871)
  2. Market research and public opinion polling services (CPC 864)
  3. Management consulting services (CPC 865)
  4. Services related to management consulting (CPC 866)
  5. Technical testing & analysis services (CPC 8676)
  6. [CH propose: Services incidental to manufacturing]
  7. Related scientific and technical consulting services (CPC 8675)
  8. Maintenance and repair of equipment (not including maritime vessels, aircraft or other transport equipment) (CPC 633 + 8861-8866)
  9. Specialty design services (CPC 87907)

Construction and related engineering services:

  1. General construction work for buildings (CPC 512)
  2. General construction work for civil engineering (CPC 513)
  3. Installation and assembly work (CPC514+516)
  4. Building completion and finishing work (CPC 517)
  5. Other (CPC 511+515+518)

Environmental services:

  1. Sewage services (CPC 9401)
  2. Refuse disposal services (CPC 9402)
  3. Sanitation and similar services (CPC 9403)
  4. Other

[CH propose: Financial Services]

[CH propose: Financial advisors]

Tourism and travel related services:

  1. Hotels and Restaurants (CPC Ex. 641)
  2. Travel Agencies and Tour Operators services (CPC 7471)
  3. Tourist Guides services (CPC 7472)

[CH propose: Transport services

[CH propose: Other services auxiliary to all modes of transport CPC]

Recreational, cultural and sporting services:

38. Sporting and other recreational services (CPC 964)

In the United States, this means the L-1 intra-company transferee, B-1 business visitor visa programs, and any other applicable visa programs could be used to permit temporary employees from abroad to work in the United States, and no economic needs tests (i.e., testing the labor market) could ever be imposed by Congress. To translate, that means that foreign firms would not be required to advertise jobs to U.S. workers, or to hire U.S. workers if they were equally or better qualified for job openings in their own country. (It should be noted that the L-1 is already restricted in this way, as a result of the United States’ commitments under the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATS).) These visa programs are already under-regulated and abused by employers, but since neither the L-1 nor the B-1 visa program is numerically limited by law, this means that potentially hundreds of thousands of workers could enter the United States every year to work in these 38 sectors.

This is worrying and problematic, not because there shouldn’t be any foreign competition from service-providing companies in the United States, but because the competitive advantage foreign companies will get from TiSA is the ability to provide cheaper services by importing much cheaper labor to supplant American workers. They’ll do this by paying their workers the much lower salaries they would earn in their home countries (as they often already do in the L-1 and B-1 visa programs), and the United States might even be prohibited in future from imposing minimum or prevailing wage standards (at present, neither the L-1 or B-1 visa program has a minimum or prevailing wage rule).

There is clear precedent for this. The multilateral GATS agreement, to which the United States is a party, includes limits on the U.S. government’s ability to change the rules on H-1B and L-1 guestworker visas. That’s why when Congress wants to raise visa fees, as they did in 2010, the Indian government cries foul and threatens to formally complain to the World Trade Organization. The U.S.-Chile and U.S.-Singapore trade deals also included new guestworker programs similar to the H-1B and constraints on the U.S. government’s ability to set rules on L-1 intracompany transfers.

The TiSA draft annex on Movement of Natural Persons would also likely restrict the ability of the current and future administrations to continue some of the basic immigration procedures it currently follows, such as requiring an in-person interview with L-1 applicants. The draft treaty might even prohibit common sense legislative proposals that Congress has considered over the past few years, including minimum wage rules for companies seeking to hire guestworkers in the L-1 visa program. This is particularly disturbing since the L-1 visa program has been a primary vehicle to facilitate the offshoring of high wage jobs and for replacing American workers with cheaper guestworkers.

TiSA has been written in secret by and for major corporations that will benefit greatly if it becomes law. If the House of Representatives grants the Obama administration the fast-track trade promotion authority it seeks, the authority will be valid for six years, which means TiSA (like TPP) would also get an up-or-down vote in Congress without any amendments—making it very likely to pass and become law without the necessary democratic deliberations on immigration that such major changes should have. The leaked TiSA text makes it clear that contrary to the claims by proponents of fast-track trade promotion authority, the reality is that those voting for fast track are ceding key powers to make immigration law and policy to an unelected group of corporations and foreign governments.

  • Steve Duncan

    Is the nightmare over yet? sigh…

    • DonMann

      No, not yet.. 18 months to go..

  • USMC43

    Make no mistake Con-gressman, sic, Paul Ryan, self-styled fiscal conservative who tried to eviscerate Veterans benefits while remaining a dogmatic enthusiast for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, you OWN this and all things appertaining thereto.

  • EEDDGGY1776

    Americans continue to be pawns of the NWO with the support of corrupt politicians.

    • Klaus

      Who says the politicians are corrupt? You knew they were going to betray you when you elected them. Blame yourselves, and don’t do it again.

  • dan wicks

    If they are working this hard to hide the laungauge of this trade agreement, it must be pretty bad for citizens.

  • notimportant

    This will benefit DC politicians and their cronies so it will pass. No longer a country by the people nor is it for the people.

  • USMC43

    Comments void of invective and pejoratives will be moderated out of existence. Free speech rocks at the the EPI.

    Semper Fi

  • Gun Control

    The US is going to regret these secret squirrel agreements. Like many other Obamanations, there is no reason to hide these from the public unless there is fear of pushback. Apparently, some people didn’t learn their lesson from Obamacare. Bottom line: Obama can not be trusted to do what’s right for America.

  • Stingray_3440

    One more step in this Tyrant’s push to take the American Economy to its knees. Once the USA loses it wealth and thus its ability to defend itself, it can be conquered and controlled.

  • Pedro Norte

    This process stinks to high heaven, The bribes and threats must be off the charts with this secret agreement. No debate. Information blackout.

  • Grey Smith

    The Federal Government has been selling us out for decades. Finally, they’re being bold enough to put it writing. So much for the sell out being a “right wing conspiracy”.

  • claymontgomery

    This bill needs to be sent all the way to hell. The Government is killing the American worker. We will all be working for Burger King or McDaniel’s.

  • sevanclaig

    Why this, why now? Who would want this? A bought and paid for politician? Bought by who, a company who wants better profitability? I am a such a person, such an entity, and I don’t want this. I voted a Republican ticket to push the socialists and commies back into their holes, not to end up with an equally ridiculous mess. How about erasing some of the garbage domestic laws your predecessors passed, instead of thinking we always need new ones.

  • detcord

    If you haven’t called your Congressperson to express outrage at this, you deserve the lack of jobs this will create for your children and grandchildren while these corporations hire lower cost foreigners to replace Americans.

    • Ann Chovie

      Really? you actually think they care what you think?

    • DonMann

      My Congressmen are Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Adam Schmit. Anymore questions.

    • when I call it IMMEDIATELY goes to muzak, not even a voice message is given. I have zero representation.

    • Will

      It has been going non-stop for thirty-five years. It is already too late to save.

  • Keith NSA is watching

    Call your congressman and do not listen to what their call takers spew. They are endoctrinated by paul ryan with talking points. All of a sudden after 30 years they are scholarly knowledeable on TPP and TPA.

    It is no vote to both. End of story.

    If these pass it will be the end of the American worker.

  • Milton Devonair

    Us americans need to just all work for the government or get money given to us by the government and free health care and free education and government paid for housing.
    Let’s bring in other people to do the work and we’ll just take all that money, so move the tax rate to 80% on businesses, eliminate most of the deductions, and 75% on all individuals.

    We can repopulate the failed urban areas with americans on the government dole in exchange for what we give them. Or resettle them into work camps or agrarian areas in vary rural places, like the indian reservations are out west.

    We americans can then all be a management/government/protected class and have indentured servants working for us. Those not in agreement can be resettled and re-educated.

    • Just Me

      I enjoy your cynicism, but yeah know, it would only work in reverse.

      Can’t help but speculate/notice some group obviously has America’s resources in their cross-hairs (as in wants them) in a really really big way.

      And what group would so badly want to send the strays into our country while siphoning off our natural resources, increase our debt (welfare for all the newly unemployed Americans), and destroy our formerly self-reliant, independent, and madly productive/inventive culture (w/a bunch of cheap knock-off, dead-heads)?

      For a few more phoney pixels, destroy an entire nation’s culture and give its resources away? It’s madness on steroids.

  • Ilene Richman

    POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT. They sign all free trade agreements and give away American manufacturing so corporations can move overseas for cheap labor. WE NEED TERM LIMITS ON ALL POLITICIANS INCLUDING THE SUPREME COURT. We must all write every member of House and Senate not to sign this Pacific agreement which will again ship our manufacturing jobs overseas. Do it now. Do not waste a minute. We elect these politicians and they have to follow what the American people want to do-NO MORE FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS.

    • 1952rmdg

      We also need much stricter laws governing campaign contributions and lobbying. Average American citizens and workers are the largest NOT being represented in Congress.

  • Muawiyah

    Urban planning and landscape architectural services (CPC 8674) ~

    This is high ticket stuff. Sure, it’s not about STRUCTURAL ARCHITECTURE but it controls whether or not minimum zoning standards are met, or some foreign standard imposed ~ leaving room only for Bentleys, or possibly only 2 passenger electric cars in the employee parking lot.
    AND, more importantly, will the cityscape and our suburbs continue to have an American look and feel or will you see something more appropriate to Dubai.

    None of this is being done in the interest of American workers, professionals, lawyers, scientists, doctors…… NONE

    Makes me ask WHO DOES OBAMA WORK FOR?

    • Just Me


  • Common_Sense96

    I wonder what the real benefit to these titans will be by having most Americans unemployed….they won’t be paying taxes – and I doubt the “guest” workers will as well….there will be more crime, more social unrest, and less people shopping – ie – trickle down – the malls and restaurants will be doomed….so – I don’t see the end benefit – the overall pay will be lower – but the taxes those people pay will be lower as well…Those titans will have their compounds in New Zealand – but someday – won’t they tire of their pretty prisons they’ve built for themselves? The birth rate in the USA from non-“guests” – will probably plummet in future decades – so I don’t get it – In terms of the world being a neighborhood – the global titan is in a nice city in a nice house – but in the future – they will be in a nice house that they have to turn into a fortress because they live in a cesspool of chaos, instead of the formerly nice city…..

  • Happybidr

    Please someone explain why President Obama is so aggressively working for passage on this? He’s hardly lifted a finger on other issues. What does he want out of it?

    • TalkingDust

      When he talked about “transformation” he wasn’t kidding.

    • joebabe

      What does he want out of it? Perhaps the demise of America as we knew it as
      an economic,military,social ,and cultural world leader. Like the man who shot Liberty Valance ,he wants his place in history as the man who shot down Liberty in the United States of America. What I’m asking is who is pulling his strings? This man cannot be this devious and cunning without an outside brain trust. All you folks that wanted to be part of HISTORY, well you voted for him,TWICE, and this is what you get. How’s all that fundamental transformation working out for you?………..or are you even aware or paying attention?

    • BRATKAT13

      It gives him power to finish his transformation of America into a 3rd world country.

    • DonMann

      To get more power and to continue his destruction of our country.. He has 18 months left to institute the North American Union procedures to bring us down. It’s been said that by the time he’s down with us, we’ll be begging for some relief.

    • Mike Porro

      Just following Georges directions

    • john smith

      There’s a finger up in some ones “Bowl of Litter Fruit”. Money in some ones pocket. Power in his hold.

  • Pancake3

    This Trade Deal is Democrat meddling and Communization on steroids.

  • jamesben

    Outrageous. I’m disgusted with the G.O.P. “leadership,” and this Obama Reich – as usual. Both are enemies of the American people.

    • DonMann

      I never thought that I would see this kind on stuff going on in our country.. When I was a kid growing up in CA back when it was the Golden State, now not only CA looking like a tarnished peso, the whole country is looking pretty bleak over the past 6 and a half years. It doesn’t take them long, does it?

    • Will

      Perfectly stated jamesben.

  • James Bowen

    This is the biggest reason, among many others, that TPP and TPA need to be stopped.

  • doncalls

    Now the white collar people will feel what it is like to see mass immigration into the sector they work in,for years i have tried to explain what all these illegals and mass immigration from every corner of the Earth has done to wages,working conditions to us blue collar workers.

    I have a word of advice to all you white collars,start cutting many lifestyle changes now,and when you think that’s enough,,Guess what?

    It will not be,mark my words.

    • Just Me

      Yep, and there are millions Americans already in this sinking boat, barely hanging on as it’s sinking. They’ve been pushed out of their jobs by foreigners and illegals, oh who cares right?

      It’s heartbreaking and demoralizing to witness the utter contempt & disregard our elected leaders have for American citizens. We know what’s going to happen, and we get patronized with more lies and blatant BS.

  • SWDC

    The EU is also run by unelected German bureaucrats our of Brussels.

  • SWDC


    • UK1981

      American Revolution 2.0

    • Mike Porro

      F ing bring it ! , any things better than this shyte .But It won’t happen because the plan as implemented is working just fine. Conservatives
      (people not slime politicians) ie whitey, lacks cohesiveness and judge even each other. That is why the majority can easily be overtaken.
      Everyone is in the bubble of individuality. USA = RIP

  • PegNew

    This is ALMOST as stinky as the corrupt “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” !!!

    • HarryObrian

      It’s worse…

  • Judith Van Doren

    This entire proposal is nothing more then transferring every aspect of a business over to control of non-USA citizens or replacement of USA professionals, as listed, for non-USA professionals. We are giving up our freedom to exercise our business conducted in USA. This is a lousy, and to me, treasonist bill; it allows the sell out the USA in full. This act will be so easy for thugs like obama to abuse, and he will abuse, it is why it is written this way so he can abuse, even more then he already has.

    • SWDC

      #ObamaTrade Relaxes Visa Process for Pakistan

    • Just Me

      I agree, and what are all the citizens with lots of time on their hands (no longer gainfully employed, sold out for a minimum wage foreigner, and up-to-their-ears in debt) going to do when this realization hits them? Waiting for the next shoe to drop. Very hostile state of affairs.

  • Wynn Chester

    It’s pretty clear that this whole thing will get out of hand pretty quickly. Funny, we send people to Washington to represent our interests but they respond by ceding power to international organizations that don’t represent us at all.

    Republicans were beginning to sound like the party that really did represent the average working guy/woman. If this passes I am guessing Republicans will get the blame and the next election will be a Democratic sweep.

    • HugObamAhmadinejad

      I think that’s what the GOP wants. They don’t like being in power and having to actually lead. They’d rather just be the minority so they can whine about the Democrats and there radical agenda. I’m never casting another vote for a Republican. I’ll just stay home come voting time because there’s no difference between the two parties so why bother.

      • mjazzguitar

        I’ll probably write Sarah Palin in.
        No more voting lesser of two evils.

    • issac clark

      Blame all the tree hugging PC liberals who allowed agenda 21 to be enforced with in our nation…that was the litmus test and it past with flying colors.

  • OK4AYL

    Let’s see now, we had to “pass” it to find out what was in it……That’s working out swell, why am I a skeptic all of a sudden? Alice in Wonderland goes to Washington…..

  • dkag7


    • AmericanKim

      This says it all….well, all that I need to know.

      Article 4, Section 2 would prohibit member states from “maintain[ing] or
      adopt[ing] Economic Needs Tests, including labor market tests, as a
      requirement for a visa or work permit” in the sectors where commitments are made. (In other words, U.S. laws or regulations limiting guestworkers only to jobs where no U.S. workers were available would violate the terms of the treaty.)

    • SWDC

      750,000 Americans needlessly died in the US Civil War.

    • HarryObrian

      You can bet the definition of that word has been changed in these new regulations as well.

  • If there were any doubt that our government is an oligarchy, let them now be laid to rest.

  • Like a true Liberal, if you can’t force a law dealing with immigration. Simply use another approach.

    Even go as far to hide it in other legislation and then say because of national security you must pass the bill before you an know what’s in it.

  • chukalukabus

    So let me get this straight:

    They claim that “The Administration has no authority under TPA or any pending trade agreement to unilaterally change U.S. immigration laws”…

    This tripe right after the Administration that has no authority under our own immigration laws to amnesty 5 million illegal aliens, but did so anyway?

    God help us.

    • Cat14

      One world order is being started and this is one of the final nails

  • cleo48

    This is it; this is the final goal. The complete neutralization of the American culture. Like it Libs, like it Cons?? These are YOUR parties. You are nation destroying LICE.

  • Walter_Peterson

    If I understand this article correctly, what Congress is voting on, which we cannot even see, is not even the final version. Something tells me that this is not what the Founders who wrote the Constitution had in mind.

    • RRdemocrat

      If what is quoted below from the article is true then no, this is not government of, by and for, the people. Who can deny that?

      “those voting for fast track are ceding key powers to make immigration
      law and policy to an unelected group of corporations and foreign

    • issac clark

      No and it has taken year of divisive politic and educational indoctrination the dumb down and separate the U.S. citizenry to a point where it is with in their grasp.

    • issac clark

      No law can supersede the Constitution this TPP is attempting to overwrite the Constitution without ratifying it through the states.

  • StGeorge

    This clause drives down wages for American citizens and makes them compete with foreign workers imported to the US who have to kick back part of their salary and live 4 to 8 in two bedroom apartments.
    Computer and related services:
    Consultancy services related to the installation of computer hardware (CPC 841)
    Software implementation services (CPC 842)
    Data processing services (CPC 843)
    Data base services (CPC 844)
    Other (CPC 845+849)

  • Anotha Texan


    Only cowards would continue to let themselves be ruled by tyrants. And that is what America has become. Pathetic.

    • issac clark

      It is not actually secession when the Contract that united us was broken by Washington …It is contractual failure thus nullifying the agreement.

    • #TriumphantTrumpTrain

      Please send me a Texas application.

    • Beware the D&R oligarchy in DC.

      They function as a corporation, and routinely act in interest of self, fellow globalists abroad, and international banks.

  • RMorrow

    Secret anything is never good for the American people. That is why we call it corruption. Obama playing dictator over the people. It’s hard to be transparent when you want to rule over everyone.

  • whotothewhat

    WOW! we have been taken over without a shot, good job elites I hope you get out of the country real quick, it is about to get real ugly.

    • issac clark

      That includes Hollywood , big bankers, New network employees, Federal employees and 90% of all entertainers.

  • BOB

    Another hidden bill. They all need to fired ALL OF THEM!!!!

    • issac clark

      Exactly fact is any Congressman that does not read a bill in it’s entirety before making an INFORMED decision should be fired.
      If their too damn busy to read what they are voting for then they are not doing their job. FIRE THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM

  • SonoranSnoozer

    The immigration provisions are the cherry on the top of the cake for big tech. L, B an H visas are already abused by unscrupulous employers to keep wages down by bringing in foreign workers to do work Americans could easily do. Just ask the tech workers at Disney.

    • Susan

      The fact is if you are an American Born Citizen with an college degree from an American College you are going to be SOL. Discrimination is already taking place and our borders are being flooded by LEGAL special visa holders and illegals taking the manual labor and factory jobs. Already you can ONLY see Hispanics in almost all construction jobs in Texas……be it commercial or residential. Any other race need not apply.

    • jackburns

      Funny, previous comment got flagged for an innocuous word. Exactly. Lots of palms getting greased to bring in those masses of supposedly brilliant indians. Build crappy software has become very expensive.

    • jackburns

      Payoffs and back room deals abound. Dog and pony with democrats selling education on one hand, and stealing futures with the other.

  • koedo

    I don’t trust them, both republicans and democrats, to do what’s best for the mercian people. Slowly, over the past 35 years, the nation has been stolen from the LEGAl citizens of the United States. Here we go again. Our representatives in the House and the Senate are asking the American people to ‘trust and ‘believe’ that the wellbeing of the American people is their foremost concern. LIARS! We have been hearing the same story since Reagan granted an amnesty to millions in 1986. Legal citizens are being abused and disrespected in their own lands and being replaced.

    Do not believe anything that comes from politician’s mouths. They are accomplished liars and you, the legal citizens of the US, are NOT their concern.

    • brew_it

      It started in 1916 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the Income tax. Then the country was handed over to plutocrats and its been that way since.

    • Cat14

      We need to get term limits on every ballot in this country

    • Reaganite

      Just for the record, Reagan didn’t grant amnesty. He signed a law passed by Congress which gave amnesty, but also included border security which the Democratically-controlled Congress later refused to fund. The Dems pulled a bait & switch. They can’t be trusted.

  • John D. Coffey

    An economy exists for the benefit of the people who live and work there. The multi national non American business interests want to turn America into an economic colony for their exclusive benefit while the American people fund and maintain the infrastructure and pay the utilities. I would call this industrial feudalism. This attack on our ability to feed, clothe, educate and gainfully employ our citizens is no less destructive of our nation than a hydrogen bomb detonating over Chicago. This entire scheme is treasonous. It must be stopped. It has Bilderberg fingerprints all over it.

  • John Rashi

    Just keep waving that American Flag…and voting D and R

    • Jefferson Paine

      We must wave our flag – but not vote for those who spit upon it and the people it stands for, those “D’s” and “R’s” you mentioned.

    • sc3pilot

      I just got a new computer keyboard and the D and R are on the same key.

    • Shootist

      That’s the ticket.

      Re-elect no one.

  • banger377

    If it ever comes to a rebellion, I hope people remember who did this to us.

    • pcbs

      “if ever”? I think it’s brewing.
      Everyone who has not called their rep in Congress is also contributing to this disaster. It’s one simple phone call. Make it – let them know how you feel about someone who passed a bill without reading it (a dangerous one for the citizens and middle class this country). Let them know their career will end in the next election. It only takes a minute.

    • kssturgis62

      MANY of them were REPUBLICANS. I am so sick of the Two party system. These Repubs look like Liberals. I can’t believe how duped people were by them OH give us the Senate and we can stop Obama. Instead people like Cruz, Hatch, McConnell and others voted for this GARBAGE !!! Ryan and Boehner have been lying their fannies off. Tired, sick Tired, just SICK and TIRED> I am tired of fighting when others are just letting them walk all over us. But today ON the Phone again to try and stop them.

    • kssturgis62

      many of them were Republicans. I am so sick of the Two party system. These Repubs look like Liberals. I can’t believe how duped people were by them OH give us the Senate and we can stop Obama. Instead people like Cruz, Hatch, McConnell and others voted for this GARBAGE !!! Ryan and Boehner have been lying their fannies off. Tired, sick Tired, just SICK and TIRED I am tired of fighting when others are just letting them walk all over us. But today ON the Phone again to try and stop them.

    • zagnut64

      “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends,
      it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to
      institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and
      organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
      effect their safety and happiness.”

    • #TriumphantTrumpTrain


    • AmericanKim

      I tried to post this earlier, but it is “awaiting moderation” for some reason…

      In my opinion, this is the glaring dagger in the heart of American workers: “Article 4, Section 2 would prohibit member states from “maintain[ing] oradopt[ing] Economic Needs Tests, including labor market tests, as a requirement for a visa or work permit” in the sectors where commitments are made. (In other words, U.S. laws or regulations limiting guest workers only to jobs where no U.S. workers were available would violate the terms of the treaty.)”

    • AmericanKim

      …some of the same people who won’t post my comment about this article, I’d guess… and it was innocent enough. I simply highlighted paragraph #5 of this article. It’s devastating to the American worker.

    • mickrrussom

      Honestly, if the entire joint session of congress + President and his cabinet disappeared the country would be freed temporarily from these low life scum traitors.

    • lou

      That’s the problem, it’s hard to figure out who did it. Looks like both political parties did it. Corporations have no loyalty to any country and only value profits as it is their job to produce returns of capital.
      Politicians only value money for themselves. Unions have signed off
      on the sending of factory jobs to China since Clinton/Bush. Who is it that did this “one world” attitude and open borders?

      • Will

        “Both political parties” DID do it. For at least thirty-five years. The problems seems to be that “Both political parties” are one.

    • Shootist

      Nearly every one of our elected federal officials?

    • Corrupt Traitor

      Both sides.

      2 wings of the same bird.

  • Tory

    Essentially it looks like TPP and TTIP are designed to demote the institution of the nation state to a subservient position under one world corporation.
    Regardless of a pass or fail on the TPA fast track the TPP and TTIP trade agreements should never be passed in the current form. Whilst I support capitalism I find “friendly fascism” repulsive.

  • Mark Davies

    It’s seriously time for term limits 2 terms and no more!

  • TheMule61

    “Usurp immigration policy”?

    You mean like it has been accomplished with bribes in DC for the past 20 years already?

  • rational_animal

    What a mess. Because the government controls the economy via taxes and regulation, we now have job shortages. An open immigration policy in a free economy would be good for everyone. Poor immigrants get to come to America to make a better life and corporations get cheap labor. The problem we have is that regulation has destroyed free markets and ever since Woodrow Wilson, the US has been in a cycle driven by market improvements and government restraint. Now American’s are against immigration because many or most of them face a lower standard of living because of immigrants.
    This is not good. The proper response to all of this is to free the economy, not focus on sneaky and deceptive bills involving trade. If we want to fix this we should eliminate regulation and start to roll taxes back. In a free and booming economy, immigrants are necessary to supply labor for growth and there need not be any threat to ‘our jobs’.
    Blame the progressives, they took the government over under Wilson and have been advancing ever since.

  • Bill

    In the 2016 primaries all CONSERVATIVES should vote for Hitlery’s strongest opponent, then in the presidential election vote either CONSERVATIVE or DEMOCRAP. DO NOT VOTE republican!!!

  • drattastic

    There are no political parties only the elites and we the subjects,hasn’t it become obvious ?

  • Flyoverman

    This steaming pile is in the best interests of the Untied States?

    What do they think they are shoveling?

  • Kevin Williams


  • TalkingDust

    If this bill doesn’t get people to go to D.C. nothing will.

  • Deserttrek

    they are all in on it .. the fool believe they will be in charge forever ….. all who support this are traitors

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    Note to Republicrats: “We know what’s coming. Tell me: Will we at least get kissed first?”

  • Disqus

    That is messed up. It’s over — the country has been ransacked.

  • Just Me

    America Cries.

    Just what jobs are going to be left for the natives when all is said and done?

    Living in Mom/Dad’s basement sending out resumes to the internet dark hole, early retirement living in an RV, tent or on the streets?

    There aren’t enough jobs now, most of what there is doesn’t pay a livable wage, and what’s left, they are going to give to foreigners?

  • zagnut64

    That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends,
    it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to
    institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and
    organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
    effect their safety and happiness.

  • hotyeh

    Just a little more betrayal of the American people by their corupt Government.


    It is no longer a battle between the democrats and the GOP establishment.
    It is now a battle between the US tax payers and Washington DC.
    Do a search on a little known incident , that took place back in the 1940’s in Athens Tennessee. It is known as the Battle of Athens.

  • psadie

    The One World Government is coming to your town soon!

  • Bear1000

    Once more, we are seeing the gradual erosion of our sovereignty and way of life by the whims of major corporations and world elite. And it’s not even the Democrats who are doing this; it’s the Republicans! If I had any remaining doubts that we live in a one party state disguised to look like a two party one, they have been swept away. Like all great nations, America will fall from within and it will be “we the people” who will suffer because of it.

  • Kinch

    Please do not give the idiot NObama more authority. You will be responsible for all crazy things he does with that authority.

  • #TriumphantTrumpTrain

    Obama wants America to be under the rule of and be governed by first the UN and then the New World Order. Obama wants to conclude the destruction of America before he leaves office. We are in for a long, hard road.

  • UK1981

    Why is it that any post mentioning the event in this country’s history that occurred between 1775 and 1781 is flagged by the moderator?

  • Chrisput

    Those who have forgotten NAFTA, are DOOMED to repeat it. Ross Perot was so right. Trade deals always screw Americans. I am actually with the Dems on this one. We will also get more terrorists in the information sector, who will know how to destroy the power grid, and bring us to our knees. The Oligarchs and politicians figure that they won’t be affected by the sellout of America.

  • sc3pilot

    Passing the TPA means that Congress can’t keep the promise that future treaties won’t include language requiring us to change our laws. That’s the whole point of TPA – to remove Congress from the treaty negotiation process altogether.

  • Globalist traitors engaged in nation merging.

    This has been planned for decades.

    Visit the websites of these globalist agencies:
    Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
    Council of Councils (CFR Initiative)
    Trilateral Commission
    United Nations

  • Heroes, Americans and a Brit.

    There’s your answer to wage stagnation.

  • mickrrussom

    Obama and his treasonous Tammany Hall democRAT corruption den and any RINOs collaborating or LEOs and Military assisting the criminal president Obama should be put into PRISON.

  • ocean

    A classified SECRET Obamatrade has no place
    in a free society. The American people are
    being “sold down the river”.

    • rocksagebrush

      Americans have already been sold down the river. The code enforcers are out now punishing “wrong doers” to make it appear in the headline news as NORMAL. This is normalization–after years of demoralization–according to plan–although every treaty, passed law, act or riot/looting is made to appear spontaneous.

    • Will

      For decades. Both parties.

  • m11_9

    The people lost this authority already when the Pres chooses to not enforce the laws on the books. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  • Stafford A. Kingsley

    The rocks have been lifted and the Democratic and Republicans who support this “sticking it to Americans” legislation are suddenly getting a little nervous.
    Easier visas for Pakistanis?

    • ggm281

      Easier visas for everyone:
      It contains agreements for the free movement of labor including service labor. Accountants, management consultants, HR, medical personnel including doctors, nurses, aides, hospitality workers including management, engineers, construction workers, road and municipal projects construction (dams, water, water treatment, sewage, power), tech and information systems.
      No more necessity to document that you cannot find labor in the US because you can bring in labor from any of the countries at will with no approval process necessary.
      In fact it allows companies to import labor for almost anything but legal work. So I’d guess that lawyers were heavily involved in crafting the agreement!!

  • pokey5735

    This is the kind of crap that our own American government representatives subject this country too. Anyone who put this trash forward or voted for it should never hold a position of trust or authority again. EVER!
    We can’t trust anyone these days to uphold and protect the Constitution.
    We should NEVER allow foreigners to have a vote or say in how we run our country or what laws are enacted. What is the matter with these people? Democrats and Republicans alike push this traitorous material, in secret and without transparency. We can all just find out after we can’t do anything about it.

  • Painkiller

    Return the power back to the states and the people.

  • Dialogos68

    Rand Paul 2016!!!!!! Ben Carson for VP!!!!
    Both parties are dangerous!!!!

  • John Dee

    Na, na, na; Na, na, na; wa-ve…goodbye…

    Its the beginning of the end of Obamanomics…

    1. Steal from Peter.
    2. Take a cut.
    3. Give to Paul.

  • Dane Ironfoote


  • tpc4545

    Just love this part……..The House voted 302 to 126 to sink a measure to grant financial aid to displaced workers, If this was supposed to be so good for American works and creat jobs why do they need this??? Anybody

    • Will

      Trade agreements between poor and rich countries can only have one winner. That winner is always the poor country. Anything to flood the labor market. Ross Perot told you the straight story back in 1991.

  • nolie

    These folks promise that any new bill will not include a provision that reduces control of immigration. Are these the same folks who gave us Obama care, which was to reduce our medical costs and “allow us to keep our doctor if we want to”? Liars all.

  • 1911

    More and more. the best way to save this country looks like using the same tactics as founding it. Start from scratch.

  • 1911

    Lately – every fail for congress as a whole, is a win for America.

  • aubreyfarmer

    When those in Congress begin to fear for their lives things will change. They think we have no teeth.

    • Mike Porro

      No is one gonna do squat.The dumbed down neutered people are in a personal bubble & more concerned about Starbucks and smartphones then the big picture.

  • ExecutiveMalfeasance

    By the power vested in me by the great state of the Internet, I hereby proclaim Nancy Pelosi and Co. honorary conservatives. PRAISE JESUS!!!!

    • Mike Porro

      Not so fast This was done to save Union jobs only. So yea shes still a Shill.

  • Old Fleet Sailor

    Well look up your rep, see how they voted, then you vote in the upcoming elections
    YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Harris

    House Republicans are the Matthew Arnold’s of today. They betrayed Republican voters and sold them out, those voting for Fast Track that is.

    Come the next elctions we will remember, remember that, we will remember!

    • Kris Montana

      I dont know if we have that kind of time till the damage is non-repairable. In the meantime….. stop paying these tirds taxes. Time to risk our well being and fight. Stand up.

  • it’sthatbad

    Why would the Republicans want to vote yes on this nightmare…….My God what is going on………….honestly……

    Why is it bad to ask this question ? Why?

    • tpalya

      It’s because they aren’t really republicans, they talk like
      republicans and vote like the progressive liberals they really are.
      It’s bad to ask because you should have figured it out by now.

      R.I.N.O, in name only means not really

  • Robert Slaughter

    Politicians in both parties are leading the charge to destroy our viability and sovereignty. Anyone who votes for this should be charged with treason. I don’t say that to be dramatic. They have taken the powers that have been granted by the masses and sold them to the highest bidder. Is there an agency within our government that hasn’t done the same or has not become equally unlawful, i.e. the IRS?

    • Anonynmous

      I agree. We are seeing the destruction of our nation by the very people we elected and it’s Treason. They have “classified” what’s in a trade deal that basically destroys our nation. That is Treason in every way you can think of.

  • Seeya Tomara

    How very American of Obama.

  • Rationalist

    Be sure to thank your low information and narcissistic self absorbed single
    issue voter friends for these priceless moments…

    Remind them every chance you get that Lenin described them as “useful

    Leave no doubt next Christmas why they weren’t invited to dinner.

    Fix the insanity…

    Vote Constitutional Conservative 2016

  • bruce Cambell

    The fact that some republicans wanted this speaks to the current state of the party. Those republicans that voted for this are clearly in the pocket of big businesses and not representing the American people. Sadly the Democrats that voted NO, did so because they are in the pocket of the Unions and not because they represented we the people. I would like to see in the next national elections the ability to vote ‘no confidence’ that would clear both houses of all elected officials and start fresh.

  • MightyViking

    Well, all of those republican and Democrat candidates that were for this atrocity of a bill. Just lost my vote.

  • Raoul Carggarglin

    I want to know just WHO wrote it. PLEASE. DO tell!
    Everybody seems to ask WHAT’S IN IT but I also want to know just who the heck wrote it!

    • hotcocco

      Obama, McConnell and Boehner.

    • ggm281

      Lead negotiator is U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman

  • WrenchMan

    The sneaky malcontent America hating president just keeps trying to destroy this nation anyway he can. Soon as it became apparent he was keeping another secret, you knew it bad for America; like EVERYTHING he’s done! The man is a complete fraud & usurper!
    Domestic enemy living right in the White House.
    No freedom of speech huh Economic Policy Institute???

  • Marc Farris

    There will now be economic consequences from AMERICANS for thos who supported this bill

    • tpalya

      Bull, nobody will do anything. The American spirit has been broken. Hell, a whole lot of them don’t even know what it means to be free.

      …a crying shame.

    • ShrinkTheState

      I sure hope so. Also, I want to see the text of this secret bill now that they killed it!

  • Guido FL

    All of this bad for America and bad for America’s middle class ! Drive a wood stake thru these faulty trade deals and kill them all !

    If ever there was a time for a Third Party it’s now ! The 2 present ones have forgotten their mandate for governing !

  • I feel dirty! How in God’s name am I on the same side as Pelosi on this vote? What in the heck is going on in this corrupt, RINO GOP?

    • who8thecat

      I know right . Follow the dollar my friend, follow the dollar.

    • ISeeThruYou

      Both parties work for the same elites Anna. By having the GOP working with Obama on this, they are just trying to confuse voters, so people won’t know who to blame when these disastrous bills finally pass….

    • ShrinkTheState

      I feel the same way. Not only stretch Pelosi but also squaw Warren too! Going home to shower now.

    • Obamanocchio69

      Sorry but you got duped.

    • Baron Münchhausen

      Pelosi only did so because of the Unions. She would have betrayed us otherwise

    • No One Important

      Isn’t it sad?I said “he%% must have frozen over! I agree with Harry Reid on something!”

    • Ditto! I understand that America has two parties with one agenda, but I am incredulous still. Has the GOP shifted to the left of the Democrat party?

  • Doc Lemm

    Anyone who voted for this abomination should be impeached or recalled…

    • DrBobNM

      your vote no longer counts.

    • Mike0oSS

      Why? They just got caught this time

  • The 2014 Election was a clear mandate for the GOP to STOP OBAMA!

  • J Wolfe

    This serves up American’s sovereignty, wealth, and jobs up onto the world buffet table for foreign countries to feast on.

  • dschwarpa

    Message to Congress: My expectations are that you will not vote in favor of this until the terms are made public for all to see. It should then stand or fall on its own merits. From what I have seen and heard so far, it is a tool for the globalists to control all of these countries and essentially cede their independence. As an American citizen, I reject ceding my independence to unelected corporations and bureaucrats. Frankly, they can all go to heck as far as I’m concerned. We need more people looking out for our interests rather than their own. As a conservative, I am moving further and further away from the Republican party. Frankly, I am mad as heck at the direction the party is going. I will never vote Democrat as they are even worse, but better choices are needed. We are on the brink of a Fascist Government with an alliance of Big Government on the left, and Big Corporations on the right working in concert to screw the middle class. My money is now doing the talking and it ain’t Republican nor Democrat.

    • Tonyandoc

      “My expectations are that you will not vote in favor of this until the terms are made public for all to see.”
      Good luck with that.
      According to Forbes, quoting drafts of TISA leaked to Wikileaks,
      “These negotiating texts are supposed to remain secret for five years
      after TISA is finalized and brought into force.”
      I believe the same interval applies if the negotiations fail.
      What happens in Davos (or other 1%ers watering holes) stays in Davos.

  • dschwarpa

    Message to Congress: My expectations are that you will not vote in favor of this until the terms are made public for all to see. It should then stand or fall on its own merits. From what I have seen and heard so far, it is a tool for the globalists to control all of these countries and essentially cede their independence. As an American citizen, I reject ceding my independence to unelected corporations and bureaucrats.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    I expect Paul Ryan to change parties when this is over with.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Bills that benefit our country do not have all this secrecy.

  • Treaties that void US laws are treasonous. Anyone who votes for this should be in jail.

  • ISeeThruYou

    Both parties work for the central banksters, who own majority shares in most US and global corporations. Repubs lining up behind Obama on these trade bills is just smoke and mirrors designed to confuse the public. They also try to obfuscate the bills with similar sounding names, TPP, TPA, TiSA, TTIP blah blah blah blah. Of course, the content is secret. By having Obama side with the Repubs on these trade agreements, voters won’t know who to blame when they are ultimately passed. And trust me, these bills will all be passed.

  • geezer117

    Would this be the same kind of unequivocal promise in 1986 that if we just vote for amnesty this one time, we will never be asked for amnesty ever again, and the borders would be made secure?

  • roval

    I am a Conservative Hispanic. But I have to give Democrats major credit for killing this destructive piece of legislation. If only they used the same caution with Obamacare. Bravo Dems. But you need to be this way with all legislation, and never go by the ‘Party Line’, but vote by ‘common sense’. And what is good for U.S.Citizens.

    • ggm281

      It hasn’t been killed. The only thing Democrats voted against was renewing a bill to fund retraining programs for people displaced by trade agreements. Negotiations on this particular agreement started just 3 years ago. It is no where near complete. Congress doesn’t “kill” treaties that are still in negotiation.

    • rangerider

      NOT KILLED :-)

  • ithakavi

    This is grotesque. It actually confirms the suspicions of the folks who have been railing against the ‘Trilateral Commission’ and other internationalist conspiracies for lo these many years. But the worst part is that this abomination is supported across the political spectrum and is only being opposed because the trade unions and the conservative base (talk about strange bedfellows!) have cried foul and made enough noise (for now) to make the Governing Classes rethink their options. But we need to oppose this from both sides. This legislation benefits only oligarchs and political elites. Working Americans get screwed. Again.

    • ggm281

      A President at CitiGroup called it the greatest “wealth creator” in the last 100 years. So we know it must be a boon if it will make for a few more billionaires!!

  • JonathanDunbar

    If this trade agreement is so good for the American worker, then why is it being negotiated in secret? Just asking…

  • Obamanocchio69

    If the unions lobbied against it, then it has to be good for the country. Follow the money when the demonrats are involved.

  • Obamanocchio69

    If the unions lobbied against it, then it has to be good for the country. Follow the money when the democrats are involved.

  • linda

    Finally, Peleolosi does something that makes sense.

    Now we also know that a majority of both parties also could care less about the workers, apparently they must think only people on govt assistance are actually voting these days, hence the 50 million on foodstamps and the 40 million immigrants on some type of govt assistance.

    Let’s just change the voting rules, those who are not receiving govt assistance or contracts are not allowed to vote. Let’s make it fair, after all, those dammed evil workers dont care about our Marxist venue.

  • YarplyTwelve

    I wouldn’t want anyone to think I am ungrateful. Thank you Mrs Pelosi, and all those who stood against this thing.
    Now I will go take a shower.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip


    This must be some parallel anti-universe where evil is good and good is evil.

  • YarplyTwelve

    Censorship is the sign of tyranny.

  • Baron Münchhausen

    I there are some people who still cry “conspiracy theory” when the NWO is mentioned

  • Saltporkdoc

    Time for the rise of the Constitution Party! [Google it to find its platform & contacts.]

  • Mike0oSS

    There are alternatives to the Democrat and Republican agendas out there ‘Murica

  • borntobePolitical

    Oh yah now the white collar jobs are being taken by immigrants.

    I don’t get why anybody is for this.

  • borntobePolitical

    I will light a candle for you.

    I’m in the same boat

  • Paul Ryan to Boener, “The world is watching us!”
    You don’t answer to the world, you TRAITOR, You answer to Americans!

  • Judith Van Doren

    Am beginning to think obama throwing out there so many bills with different details, is on purpose to cause unrest, misunderstanding, confusion. This may be a smoke screen to get the one bill he really wants, and from this posting it sounds like it is the TTIP. This would bring in more people to replace our already hired professionals, with requirement they train those who will replace them. If this is the sort of destruction in this bill that we know of, can not imagine the rest of it, except know it is a treasonist act by obama, and nothing he presents should be voted on. If obama makes this an executive order, while senate and house working out the other bills, then congress needs to be ready to act against obama and issue immediate law to stop whatever obama throws out. Even better, IMPEACH obama NOW.

  • James Bowen

    We need to stop this. Call your Representatives at 202-224-3121 and ask them to oppose it.

  • dechun

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