Figure A

Share of tax returns with business income affected by upper-income tax increases, 2011

Note: The chart shows the share of tax returns reporting business income under the individual income tax system, i.e., as "flow-through" or "pass-through" entities (sole proprietorships under Schedule C, partnerships under Schedule E, and S corporations under Schedule E) that fall in certain tax rate brackets. The administration proposes to extend tax cuts to all tax brackets except those currently taxed at the 33 percent rate (their rate would return to 36 percent) and the 35 percent rate (their rate would return to 39.6 percent) for married taxpayers with income over $250,000 ($200,000 for singles). The administration also proposes reinstating the limitation on itemized deductions and the personal exemption phase-out for married taxpayers with income over the threshold; and imposing a 20 percent tax rate on capital gains and qualified dividends for taxpayers in the top two tax brackets.

Source: Tax Policy Center 2010

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