Table 3

Educational attainment and wages of manufacturing workers age 25 and older, by race and ethnicity, 2010

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High school degree or more College degree or more Education adjusted wages* Actual** Ratio, actual to estimated
White 87.6% 30.3% $927.11 $1,021.99 110%
Black 84.2% 19.8% $839.34 $729.89 87%
Hispanic 62.9% 13.9% $745.68 $635.41 85%
Asian 88.9% 52.4% $1,098.44 $1,069.19 97%
Total 87.1% 29.9% $922.92 $936.69 101%

*Based on estimates of average wages by education group in Table 1. Note, omits workers with some college (see notes in text for explanation). Wage estimates in manufacturing are thus biased downward. In manufacturing, 49.3 percent of workers with some college or more education had some college training, but less than a bachelor's degree. Workers with some college earned about 20 percent more ($145 per week) than workers with a high school degree only.

**Reported wages by race and ethnicity from Table 2.

Note: The white, black, Asian, and "other" race categories exclude Hispanics; the Hispanic ethnic designation includes individuals of any race. Average wages are from a 3-year pooled sample of workers by industry from 2009–2011.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau (2012, Table 229 at 151), Table 1 and Table 2 in this report, and author's analysis

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