Table 2

U.S. jobs created by eliminating currency manipulation, 2014*

Low impact** High impact**
Direct jobs 508,700 1,071,100
Indirect jobs 733,500 1,543,900
Induced jobs 1,007,200 2,120,100
Total*** 2,249,400 4,735,100

* This table estimates the effects of ending currency manipulation over three years, modeled as having started in 2011.
** The IMPLAN model used to calculate real-world effects of an estimated $190.5 billion (low impact) to $399.5 billion (high impact) increase in net exports adjusts for the fact that GDP growth from direct stimulus to net exports would boost consumer spending on imports, slightly offsetting the growth in exports. (See methodological appendix for further details on the IMPLAN model.)
*** Totals may vary slightly due to rounding.

Source: Authors' analysis of trade data from the U.S. International Trade Commission (2012), Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012a; 2012b), Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Employment Projections (2011), and IMPLAN model (MIG Inc. 2012)

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