Funder acknowledgments and disclosure principles

Research independence. Effective public policymaking relies on academically rigorous independent analysis and a strong empirical foundation. EPI researchers and authors are solely responsible for their research conclusions and policy recommendations and have the final say on their work. EPI provides both external and internal reviews as part of the publications process. EPI welcomes comments and clarifications from all informed parties to enhance the quality, salience, relevance, and clarity of our work. EPI researchers and author(s) determine how and whether to respond to suggestions by reviewers.

Funding diversity. EPI’s funding base is diverse. The largest portion of our funding comes in the form of foundation grants. EPI also receives support from labor unions, individuals, corporations, and other organizations.

Sources of EPI funding in 2019

Source Share of funding
Foundations 64%
Labor Unions 20%
Corporations/Organizations 8%
Individuals 5%
Other 3%


Donor disclosure. All contributions of $500 or more to the Economic Policy Institute or the EPI Policy Center will be listed on an annual basis. This list includes foundations, businesses, labor organizations, and individuals giving general support, program support, and support for specific reports, activities, and events. The donors will be listed by their annual funding level, based on their aggregate support. Each organization will automatically be listed unless it requests anonymity, in which case it will appear as “anonymous.” Each individual will be listed by name unless he or she asks to be listed as anonymous.

A star (*) denotes supporters who directed part of their gift to support the EPI Policy Center.

EPI 2019 Donor Acknowledgment List

$200,000 and up
Alliance for American Manufacturing
American Federation of Teachers
The Bauman Foundation
Ford Foundation
National Education Association
Open Society Foundations
Peter G. Peterson Foundation
Silicon Valley Foundation (Gift Well Fund)
Surdna Foundation
The WhyNot Initiative
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
The James Family Charitable Foundation
Kresge Foundation
Marguerite Casey Foundation
National Infrastructure Alliance
New Venture Fund
Rock Creek Group, LLC
Service Employees International Union
Stephen M. Silberstein Foundation
United Steelworkers
University of California, Berkeley

CREDO Mobile
The Mai Family Foundation
National Association of Letter Carriers
Nick and Leslie Hanauer Foundation
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

Amalgamated Transit Union
American Income Life
American Postal Workers
Blum Capital
Communications Workers of America
Hopewell Fund
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
Marriott International
Richard C. Blum Family Gift Fund
Rothstein Petersen Family Trust
Ullico Inc.
United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry
Watkins Loomis
Robert Wells
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Association for Accessible Medicines
Jules Bernstein and Linda Lipsett
Barry Bluestone
Century Aluminum
The Heinz Endowments
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Orin Kramer
Art D. Lipson and Rochelle S. Kaplan
Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly Charitable Fund
Menemsha Family Fund
Present Progressive Fund
Charles and Fran S. Rodgers
Tides Foundation

John and Sally Davenport
Blair W. Effron
Jane Hartley and Ralph Schlosstein
The Hummingbird Fund
Impact Assets, Inc.
Craig Kaplan
Meehan Family Gift Fund
Ralph and Fanny Ellison Charitable Trust
Philippe and Kate Villers

Albert and Bessie Warner Fund
Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ International Union
Gary D. Bass
BlueGreen Alliance
Jim Campen and Phyllis Ewen
The Charles L. Shor Foundation for Epilepsy Research, Inc.
Robertta Clarke
Sheldon Danziger
Teresa Ghilarducci*
Linda Hegstrand
Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles
Lisa Lynch
John McKee
Lawrence B. Morse
Richard J. Murnane*
Omaha Community Foundation
Rattner Family Foundation
Sue Ravenscroft
Richard J. Walsh Fund
Romanover Fund
Catherine Rudder
Andrew Samet
Isaac Shapiro
Shiflett-Woolsey Family Fund
Gregory Tarpinian
Donald Taylor
Kathi and John Thonet
Laura Tyson
The Zaitlin-Nienberg Family Fund

Luc Anselin
Jeremy Avins
Henry Bayer
Lisa Berger
Noah Berger
Schorr Berman
Gerard Bradley*
Edward Briody
James Brudney
Deborah Chalfie
Augustus Cochran
John Cronin
Jerome Dancis
Berry Dilley
Henry S. Farber
Holly Fechner
Kenneth Floryan
Daniel Gi
Beth Gutwin
High Five Fund
The Hoffman Fund
Cathy Hurwit
Jewish Community Federation
Linda Lampkin
Wilma Liebman
Monique Morrissey
Jerome Murphy
Elaine Nonneman
Helen and Dan Quinn
Ray Marshall Center for Study of Human Resources
Frank D. Roosevelt
Barbara Somson and Ross Eisenbrey
Richard Walker
Peter Winebrake