State of Working America

EPI’s flagship publication since 1988, the State of Working America is now on the Web in an interactive, searchable, and user-friendly format. Published every two years, the State of Working America provides all the comprehensive economic data needed to understand the economy and its effects on the living standards of low- and middle-income workers and their families.

Economic Indicators

Read timely day-of-release analysis by EPI’s economists on monthly national and state jobs data, quarterly GDP and international trade data, as well as annual census data on poverty, income and employer-provided health insurance.

Economy Track

EPI’s interactive look at the labor market during the Great Recession, Economy Track is complete with a series of interactive graphs on jobs and unemployment and overall economic performance that allow comparisons to past recessions. The data on Economy Track runs through December 2010, the third anniversary of the start of the Great Recession, and is a useful tool for exploring both the impact of the downturn and the slow pace of recovery. To see the latest labor market numbers, visit State of Working America, updated every month as new data becomes available. For analysis of these numbers, see Economic Indicators.


Datazone houses the underlying data for State of Working America and Economy Track in spreadsheets.


Explore a chronological archive of Congressional testimony, speeches and presentations by EPI experts.

Family Budget Calculator

Based on comprehensive national research by EPI, the Family Budget Calculator is a useful tool designed to help estimate the minimum household income a family needs to subsist in 21st century America.


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