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News from EPI Decline in union density costs nonunion workers $133 billion annually in lost wages
August 30, 2016

News from EPI Education policy and practice should focus on the whole child: EPI paper looks at translating research on noncognitive skills into policy action
August 24, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: 7 Federal Reserve presidents and governor to meet with Fed Up Coalition in Jackson Hole
August 23, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: How has the decline in unions cost nonunion workers $133 billion?
August 22, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: Fed Up Events and Press Conference, Monday August 22–Friday, August 26
August 19, 2016

News from EPI Recovery for black and Latino workers expands to more states in the second quarter of 2016
August 18, 2016

News from EPI The overtime time rule must be protected
August 12, 2016

News from EPI Republican-led austerity measures have stifled economic recovery
August 11, 2016

News from EPI Schrader bill would gut the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule
August 10, 2016

News from EPI Teachers earn 17 percent less in wages than similar workers
August 9, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: Broader, Bolder Approach to host discussion of non-cognitive skills, social and emotional learning
August 9, 2016

News from EPI Donald Trump’s economic plan recycles the failed policies of past Republicans
August 8, 2016

News from EPI Job growth gets July on the podium
August 5, 2016

News from EPI Financial transaction tax is a win-win for the U.S. economy
July 28, 2016

News from EPI Tariffs are not an appropriate response to currency manipulation
July 21, 2016

News from EPI Dianne Stewart joins EPI as Director of EARN and Network Engagement
July 21, 2016

News from EPI The gender pay gap can’t be explained by women’s career choices
July 20, 2016

News from EPI Top CEOs were paid 276 times more than the typical worker in 2015: Stock market declines led to lower CEO compensation in 2015; CEO pay up 46.5 percent since 2009
July 12, 2016

News from EPI June jobs report puts us back on the road to full employment
July 8, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: What can we learn from the Fight for $15?
June 22, 2016

News from EPI The top 1 percent took home the majority of income growth since the Great Recession in 24 states: New York, Connecticut, and Wyoming top the list of most unequal states
June 16, 2016

News from EPI Fed decision to keep interest rates unchanged was the right one
June 15, 2016

News from EPI EPI President Lawrence Mishel addresses Democratic Party Platform Committee
June 13, 2016

News from EPI Economic policy that doesn’t confront the rise in inequality head-on will do nothing to help the vast majority of American families
June 9, 2016

News from EPI People of color will be the majority of the working class by 2032
June 9, 2016

News from EPI The H-2B visa guestworker program leaves workers vulnerable to low pay and abuse
June 7, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: Hacker, Levin, O’Leary and Dionne discuss 21st century views of the role of government
June 7, 2016

News from EPI Summer weather nears, but the economy is nowhere near hot enough for the Fed to cool it down
June 3, 2016

News from EPI Uber and mandatory arbitration: A lethal combination for the rights of working people
May 25, 2016

News from EPI Worker advocates and stakeholders applaud rule to expand overtime pay: 12.5 million workers will directly benefit; non-profit employers to discuss impact
May 18, 2016

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