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News from EPI Most states continue to experience job growth while unemployment rates remain stubborn
August 18, 2017

News from EPI The Persuader Rule would have shined a spotlight on the union-avoidance industry—but the Trump administration is rescinding it
August 9, 2017

News from EPI EPI experts submit official comment on delay of the fiduciary rule
August 9, 2017

News from EPI Steadily moving toward full employment, but we’re not there yet
August 4, 2017

News from EPI Citing Janet Yellen’s “impressive” tenure as Federal Reserve Chair, EPI urges re-appointment
August 3, 2017

News from EPI Consumers fare better under class actions than arbitration
August 1, 2017

News from EPI First half 2017 data reveal broadly based wage growth, but inequality persists
August 1, 2017

News from EPI Media Advisory: Citing Janet Yellen’s impressive tenure as Fed Chair, EPI and Fed Up to urge reappointment
July 31, 2017

News from EPI The Save Local Business Act would do nothing to protect small businesses or their workers
July 27, 2017

News from EPI The Trump administration is trying to take away the rights of millions of Americans to get paid for their overtime
July 25, 2017

News from EPI Raising wages is the central economic challenge of our time
July 24, 2017

News from EPI Further delaying full implementation of the fiduciary rule will cost retirement savers $7.3 billion
July 21, 2017

News from EPI Nearly every state experiences job growth in June
July 21, 2017

News from EPI Top CEOs took home 271 times more than the typical worker in 2016
July 20, 2017

News from EPI Potential macroeconomic payoff to increased infrastructure investment could be large
July 18, 2017

News from EPI DHS is expanding the H-2B guestworker program by 15,000 visas, but latest data show little evidence of labor shortages in top H-2B jobs
July 17, 2017

News from EPI How bad policy amplified the costs of globalization for American workers
July 11, 2017

News from EPI Promising job growth after slowness this year, but wage growth still disappoints
July 7, 2017

News from EPI Trump administration is siding with financial advisers over workers saving for retirement
July 6, 2017

News from EPI Trump administration sides with big business over working people by acting to weaken the overtime rule
June 30, 2017

News from EPI Fiduciary rule RFI hurts retirement savers and wastes taxpayer money
June 30, 2017

News from EPI Even one unpaid sick day puts low-wage workers’ economic security at risk
June 28, 2017

News from EPI Overtime RFI is a thinly-veiled attempt to weaken or kill the updated rule
June 27, 2017

News from EPI University of Washington analysis of Seattle minimum wage increase is fundamentally flawed
June 26, 2017

News from EPI Most state labor markets improve in May, a handful continue to see rising unemployment and slow job growth
June 16, 2017

News from EPI Fed should return to setting policy by evidence, not autopilot
June 14, 2017

News from EPI Federal Reserve should increase target inflation rate to prepare for future recessions
June 9, 2017

News from EPI CHOICE Act would make future financial crises more likely
June 8, 2017

News from EPI Weakening the overtime rule would hurt low-wage and middle-class workers
June 7, 2017

News from EPI Janus case is nothing more than an attack on working people
June 6, 2017

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