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News from EPI Wal-Mart News Shows Broad Based Wage Growth is Still Lacking
February 19, 2015

News from EPI Wages Stagnated or Fell for Workers Across the Board in 2014
February 19, 2015

News from EPI Media Advisory: EPI to Release New Analysis of Wage Trends in 2014
February 13, 2015

News from EPI Paid Sick Leave is a Wise Investment for Maryland Workers and Businesses
February 12, 2015

News from EPI The Problem We All Live With: Residential Segregation and Implications for Education and Urban Policy
February 11, 2015

News from EPI EPI Releases Guidebook for Understanding How the Fed Works and How to Make it Work Harder for Main Street
February 9, 2015

News from EPI Solid Start to the Year, but a Long Road Ahead
February 6, 2015

News from EPI ESEA Reauthorization Should Focus on Alleviating the Effects of Poverty on Educational Achievement: The need to address the social and economic impediments holding back children is more urgent than ever
February 5, 2015

News from EPI “Right to Work” Is the Wrong Answer for New Mexico’s Economy
February 4, 2015

News from EPI EPI President Lawrence Mishel Testifies on the State of the U.S. Economy: Raising Wages is the Chief Economic Challenge of our Time
February 4, 2015

News from EPI Currency Manipulation by Japan Must Be Addressed in the TPP: Driven by currency manipulation, the U.S. trade deficit with Japan cost 896,000 jobs in 2013
February 4, 2015

News from EPI EPI Economist Elise Gould Testifies in Support of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act
February 3, 2015

News from EPI Senator Debbie Stabenow, EPI’s Rob Scott to Discuss TPP and Currency Manipulation
February 3, 2015

News from EPI Cancelling Sequester Good for Growth
January 30, 2015

News from EPI Despite a Year of Strong Job Growth, Recovery Remains Uneven Between States and Across Racial Groups
January 29, 2015

News from EPI Prominent Economists Call on Department of Labor to Set Overtime Pay Threshold No Lower than $50,000 a Year
January 28, 2015

News from EPI Income Inequality Affects Every State and Region in the Country: From 2009-2012, Incomes of the Top 1 Percent Incomes Grew Faster than the Bottom 99 Percent in Every State Except One
January 26, 2015

News from EPI “Right to Work” Is the Wrong Answer for Wisconsin’s Economy
January 23, 2015

News from EPI Manufacturing is Still a Large and Vital Part of the U.S. Economy
January 22, 2015

News from EPI Screening and Panel Discussion: Lost in the Fine Print
January 21, 2015

News from EPI EPI to Hold Media Teleconference on the Top 1 Percent in Every State
January 20, 2015

News from EPI Mass Incarceration Is One of the Most Pressing Civil Rights Issues Today
January 16, 2015

News from EPI December Caps of a Year of Strong Job Growth but Stagnant Wages
January 9, 2015

News from EPI Stagnant Wages are the Root Cause of Inequality, and Must Be Addressed
January 6, 2015

News from EPI 60 Million People Depend on the Incomes of Low-Wage Workers in America: Increasing the federal minimum wage would benefit on average more than 135,000 people in each Congressional district
December 16, 2014

News from EPI Growing Trade Deficit with China has Cost 3.2 Million U.S. Jobs Since 2001
December 11, 2014

News from EPI Modernizing America’s Unemployment Rate with Alan Krueger, Elise Gould and Other Leading Economists
December 10, 2014

News from EPI Congressman Tim Ryan to Discuss New EPI Research on Jobs Lost to Trade with China
December 8, 2014

News from EPI Encouraging Jobs Report, but Nominal Wages Indicate How Far We Have to Go
December 5, 2014

News from EPI Integrating Noncognitive Skills into Education Policy Is Critical to Getting it on the Right Track
December 2, 2014

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