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News from EPI EPI Policy Center urges senators to vote against confirmation of Andrew Puzder
January 13, 2017

News from EPI Despite progress, English language learner status and racial and economic segregation are holding back too many students
January 12, 2017

News from EPI The next president is inheriting a strong economy, but there’s more work to be done
January 6, 2017

News from EPI Right-to-work will hurt the working people of Kentucky
January 4, 2017

News from EPI EPI applauds House members for support of overtime rule
December 23, 2016

News from EPI Top charts of 2016 show there’s still work to do to boost the incomes and wages of working people
December 22, 2016

News from EPI DC paid leave bill is a step in the right direction
December 20, 2016

News from EPI Mass incarceration contributes significantly to the racial achievement gap
December 15, 2016

News from EPI With today’s rate hike, Fed signals they will tolerate excess unemployment
December 14, 2016

News from EPI Media Advisory: EPI to hold discussion of new research on mass incarceration’s effect on children
December 9, 2016

News from EPI What will Andrew Puzder do for American workers?
December 8, 2016

News from EPI In order to create jobs and grow the economy, infrastructure spending and public investment should be long-lived, broadly-defined, and transparent
December 8, 2016

News from EPI EPI’s ‘Real agenda for working people’ lays out concrete steps to return prosperity to working-class Americans
December 7, 2016

News from EPI Public-sector workers in Connecticut are not overpaid compared to their private-sector counterparts
December 6, 2016

News from EPI Evidence still shows that minimum wage increases have no effect on employment
December 6, 2016

News from EPI 6.4 million Americans are working involuntarily part time: Employers are shifting toward part-time work as a ‘new normal’
December 5, 2016

News from EPI The seeds of full employment have been sown over the last several years
December 2, 2016

News from EPI Injunction against overtime rule takes a crucial labor protection away from 12.5 million people
December 1, 2016

News from EPI Invest in U.S. workers and freeze any new trade negotiations
November 30, 2016

News from EPI Slow but steady jobs recovery continues along racial lines
November 30, 2016

News from EPI New study of 11 cities finds the growth of charter schools has increased inequality in education
November 30, 2016

News from EPI A $15 minimum wage is an essential part of achieving shared prosperity
November 29, 2016

News from EPI Overtime injunction is an extreme and unsupportable decision
November 22, 2016

News from EPI Coming tax cuts for high-income households exactly the wrong medicine for the economy
November 15, 2016

News from EPI Repealing the overtime rule will lower salaries of working class Americans and increase inequality
November 14, 2016

News from EPI How will a Trump administration lift wages for the vast majority of Americans?
November 9, 2016

News from EPI Minimum wage victories will raise wages for more than 2 million workers: Statement from David Cooper
November 9, 2016

News from EPI The economy scores with October’s job numbers
November 4, 2016

News from EPI New EPI calculator shows that women’s wages could be 69 percent higher if the gender wage gap and overall inequality were eliminated
October 26, 2016

News from EPI Black workers’ median hourly wages could be 87 percent higher in the absence of racial and class inequality
October 25, 2016

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