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News from EPI Progressives in Congress Urge the Federal Reserve to Push for Full Employment
November 23, 2015

News from EPI EPI announces bold agenda to raise women’s wages: Women’s wages can and should be 70 percent higher
November 18, 2015

News from EPI EPI’s Costa and immigration experts to discuss deportations and immigration reform
November 13, 2015

News from EPI One month of good news does not make a strong economy
November 6, 2015

News from EPI Child care workers are among the lowest paid in the country
November 5, 2015

News from EPI Hispanic unemployment rate is at or near full recovery in eight states
November 4, 2015

News from EPI Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association threatens the rights of working people to collectively negotiate
November 2, 2015

News from EPI State comparisons are more useful than international tests for crafting education policy
October 30, 2015

News from EPI Third quarter GDP highlights steady but too-slow recovery
October 29, 2015

News from EPI EPI experts to discuss drawbacks of using international tests to craft education policy
October 22, 2015

News from EPI EPI, New America Foundation Experts to Discuss Trends in the Gig Economy
October 19, 2015

News from EPI No Danger in Letting Public-Sector Employees Collectively Bargain
October 16, 2015

News from EPI Public-Sector Employees in States with Full Collective-Bargaining Rights Earn More than Their Counterparts in Right-to-Work States
October 15, 2015

News from EPI EPI’s Bivens and Gould to Discuss the Substantive Policy Case against the ACA Excise Tax
October 6, 2015

News from EPI High Quality Child Care is Out of Reach for Many Families: Child care costs exceed rent in four-out-of-five rural and metro areas across the country
October 6, 2015

News from EPI TPP Agreement Will Be Bad For Workers in the U.S. and Other Member Countries
October 5, 2015

News from EPI Granting Market Economy Status to China Will Cost Europe Millions of Jobs
September 18, 2015

News from EPI Welcome Decision by the Federal Reserve to Keep Rates Unchanged
September 17, 2015

News from EPI Rep. Conyers, Fed Up Coalition to Highlight Need for Full Employment, Case Against Premature Rate Hikes: As Public and Key Economists Disapprove of Rate Hike, Fed Up Will Call on Fed to Not Slow the Economy
September 15, 2015

News from EPI EPI Economists to Discuss New Census Data on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance
September 9, 2015

News from EPI As Kids Head Back to School, What Grade Does the Economy Get?
September 4, 2015

News from EPI EPI Submits Comments in Support of Raising the Overtime Salary Threshold: Updated Overtime Pay Rules Will Help Working People Get Paid for the Work that We Do
September 3, 2015

News from EPI Gap between Productivity and Typical Workers’ Pay Continues to Widen
September 2, 2015

News from EPI Mishel, Bivens to Discuss Latest Research on Divergence between Productivity and Workers’ Pay
August 26, 2015

News from EPI Updated Family Budget Calculator Shows What it Takes to Get By in 618 Communities
August 26, 2015

News from EPI Labor Day by the Numbers: How the Economy Has Performed for Workers This Year
August 25, 2015

News from EPI EPI Urges the Department of Labor Not to Extend the Comment Period on Overtime
August 13, 2015

News from EPI Trade, Not Growing Productivity, is Responsible for Manufacturing Job Loss
August 11, 2015

News from EPI Fed Decisions Should Be Data Driven. The Data Indicate it’s Not Time to Raise Rates.
August 7, 2015

News from EPI Parents’ Irregular Work Schedules Can Harm Children’s School and Life Outcomes
August 6, 2015

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