What we read today

Here’s some thought-provoking content that EPI’s research team enjoyed reading today:

  • I have combed the articles that EPI has both looked at recently, and that your experts have posted ‘recently’, going back for some months. I am extremely surprised that you do not have an expert on a group of people that have been affected deeply by the economic decisions of our lawmakers for the past 40 years, nor do I see any articles that relate the economic woes of the retiring ‘baby-bomers’ to our society at large. It would seem that the impact of the increasing poverty level of the middle class, often those that have recently retired (or are about to retire) and are part of the group that no longer pays income taxes plays a huge part in the decline of the rest of American workers lives. Elderly can no longer afford to buy. They can no longer afford to eat out as much, can no longer buy for their children or grandchildren, as they SHOULD be able to, once they have reached retirement. The spending that the new Social Security recipients should be able to do would bolster an immense segment of our society, yet attempts to create increased poverty within that group stifle their ability. At a time when elderly people should be replacing their lawn mowers, their trucks or autos, and purchasing those same many items for the recent college students or grads, they are unable to do so, or unwilling while this government fails to ‘get it done’. I agree with one comment I read here earlier: it insults our intelligence! I would like to see articles affecting seniors, who, for the first time of their lives, may not know what to do or how to proceed.