DC Council Should Override the Mayor’s Veto of the Large Retailer Accountability Act

I strongly support the Large Retailer Accountability Act and urge the DC Council to pass it despite the Mayor’s veto.

When large retailers pay wages far below what families need to get by, it brings down the wages of workers across all sectors. Walmart’s refusal to pay workers a living wage is part of the degradation of work in America.

The DC Council should weigh in and support workers. It is wrong that employees in DC—who work full-time—are still forced to rely on Medicaid, food stamps, and other public assistance programs to make ends meet. The DC Council should stand up for workers against giant retailers that can afford to pay workers more, but don’t. If the LRAA is enacted, millions of dollars in additional wages will stay in DC and be spent here, rather than be sent to corporate shareholders. As the economy—and corporate profits—continue to grow, we must work to ensure that workers and all residents of the District of Columbia benefit as well.

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