States with high union density have progressive policies that benefit all workers

Policies adopted
State Union coverage in 2020 $15 minimum wage Paid sick leave Paid family leave Fair workweek laws
New York 23.6% X X X
Rhode Island 19.1% X X
Washington 18.6% X X
Connecticut 18.4% X X X
New Jersey 17.7% X X X
California 17.6% X X X
Oregon 17.2% X X X
Michigan 16.6% X
Maryland 14.2% X X X
Vermont 13.8% X
Massachusetts 12.9% X X X
District of Columbia 9.5% X X X

Note: States with a given policy are indicated by X. The District of Columbia is included in the table even though it is not a state.

Sources: EPI analysis of 2020 Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group (CPS-ORG) data for all workers age 16 and older; Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) and the National Employment Law Project, A State Agenda for America’s Workers, December 2018; Economic Policy Institute, Minimum Wage Tracker, last updated January 2021.

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