U.S. jobs supported by Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, average per year over 10 years

Category Jobs
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
Roads, bridges, major projects 196,074
Safety 19,607
Public transit 69,517
Rail 72,933
Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure 16,686
Reconnecting communities 1,782
Airports 26,394
Ports and waterways 23,138
Water infrastructure 79,964
Broadband infrastructure 60,605
Environmental remediation 35,412
Power infrastructure, including grid authority 81,206
Resilience 89,125
Total 772,444

Source: EPI analysis of White House, “Fact Sheet: Historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal,” July 28, 2021; and “Updated Fact Sheet: Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” August 2, 2021.

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