Gender and racial pay gaps are not simply a function of voluntary occupational choice: Average hourly wages of black women and white men by occupation

Occupation  Black women  White men
Accountants/auditors $27.51 $39.23
Customer service reps 15.07 19.89
Teachers 25.65 30.50
Financial managers 27.61 47.93
Lawyers 43.00 54.94
Physicians/surgeons 36.94 54.94
Registered nurses 26.40 31.64
Retail salespersons 10.99 20.12
Social workers 22.81 27.09
Software developers 32.84 46.33

Note: Hourly wages shown are 2012 to 2016 averages from the Current Population Survey. Teacher category includes elementary and middle school teachers.

Source: Adapted from Figure B in Valerie Wilson, Janelle Jones, Kayla Blado, and Elise Gould, “Black Women Have to Work 7 Months into 2017 to Be Paid the Same as White Men in 2016,” Working Economics (Economic Policy Institute blog), July 28, 2017.

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