Teachers report higher levels of stress, burnout, and symptoms of depression than other working adults: Percentage who reported experiencing each indicator of well-being, January 2022

Teachers Working adults
Frequent job-related stress 73% 35%
Burnout 59% 44%
Symptoms of depression 28% 17%
Not coping well with job-related stress 24% 12%
Resilience 46% 80%

Source: Based on Figure 1 (Elizabeth D. Steiner, Sy Doan, Ashley Woo, Allyson D. Gittens, Rebecca Ann Lawrence, Lisa Berdie, Rebecca L. Wolfe, Lucas Greer, and Heather L. Schwartz, Restoring Teacher and Principal Well-Being Is an Essential Step for Rebuilding Schools: Findings from the State of the American Teacher and State of the American Principal Surveys, RAND Corporation, 2022). 

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