Income support and safety net spending in United States lags peers: Extent to which taxes and transfer programs reduce the relative poverty rate, selected OECD countries, late 2000s

Percentage-point reduction in relative poverty rate
France 25.4
Germany 23.6
Finland 22.1
Belgium 22.0
Italy 21.9
Austria 20.9
Greece 20.3
United Kingdom 20.2
Luxembourg 18.4
Sweden 18.1
Slovakia 17.5
Slovenia 17.3
Netherlands 16.9
Norway 16.0
Denmark 16.0
Spain 13.2
Japan 13.0
Canada 12.7
Australia 12.6
Iceland 12.6
New Zealand 11.4
Switzerland 10.6
United States 9.7

Note: This figure plots the differences between each country's pre– and post–tax and transfer relative poverty rate, where relative poverty is the share of individuals with income below half of household-size-adjusted median income.

Source: Authors' analysis of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Stat Extracts (data group labeled "late 2000s")

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