Union avoidance tactics

Tactics that turn support for unions at the outset of a unionizing campaign into a ‘no’ vote Legal under current law
Forcing employees to attend daily anti-union meetings where pro-union workers have no right to present alternative views and can be fired on the spot if they ask a question.
Plastering the workplace with anti-union posters, banners, and looping video ads—and denying pro-union employees access to any of these media.
Instructing managers to tell employees that there’s a good chance they will lose their jobs if they vote to unionize.
Having supervisors hold multiple one-on-one talks with each of their employees, stressing why it would be bad for them to vote in a union.
Having managers tell employees that pro-union workers are “the enemy within.”
Telling supervisors to grill subordinates about their views on unionization, effectively destroying the principle of a secret ballot.
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