The more frequently students miss school, the worse their performance: Performance disadvantage experienced by eighth-graders on the 2015 NAEP mathematics assessment, by number of school days missed in the month prior to the assessment, relative to students with perfect attendance in the prior month (standard deviations)

1-2 days -0.10
3-4 days -0.29
5-10 days -0.39
More than 10 days -0.64

Notes: Estimates are obtained after controlling for race/ethnicity, poverty status, gender, IEP status, and ELL status; for the racial/ethnic composition of the student’s school; and for the share of students in the school who are eligible for FRPL (a proxy for school socioeconomic composition). All estimates are statistically significant at p < 0.01.

Source: EPI analysis of National Assessment of Educational Progress microdata, 2015

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