How much have perfect attendance rates changed since 2003?: Percentage-point change in the share of eighth-graders who had perfect attendance in the month prior to the NAEP mathematics assessment, between 2003 and 2015, by group

Full attendance
Asian non-ELL 4.2
Hispanic non-ELL 2.9
Native American or other 2.4
Reduced-price-lunch-eligible 2.4
Not eligible for FRPL 2.0
Has an IEP 1.7
Male 1.5
Free-lunch-eligible 1.5
Hispanic ELL 1.3
Not IEP-eligible 0.8
All students 0.8 
White 0.5
Female 0.0
Black -1.7
Asian ELL -2.1

Notes: Students are grouped by gender, race/ethnicity and ELL status, FRPL status, and IEP status. ELL stands for English language learner; IEP stands for individualized education program (learning plan designed for each student who is identified as having a disability); and FRPL stands for free or reduced-price lunch (federally funded meal programs for students of families meeting certain income guidelines).

Source: EPI analysis of National Assessment of Educational Progress microdata, 2003 and 2015

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