Major work stoppages in 2019 with more than 20,000 workers involved

Organization involved Number of workers involved
North Carolina public school teachers 92,700
General Motors automotive workers 46,000
West Virginia public school teachers 36,400
Los Angeles public school teachers 33,000
Chicago public school teachers 32,000
Stop & Shop workers 31,000
University of California service and medical center workers 25,000
Kentucky public school teachers 22,900
Oregon public school teachers 20,400
AT&T workers 20,000

Note: The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not distinguish between strikes and lockouts in its work stoppage data. However, lockouts (which are initiated by management) are rare relative to strikes, and all of the work stoppages in the table were strikes.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Major Work Stoppages in 2019” (news release), February 11, 2020, and related table, “Detailed Monthly Listing, 1993–Present.”

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