Top occupations for state and local government workers: Occupation shares of state and local government employment

Occupation Share
Elementary and middle school teachers 15.0%
Secondary school teachers 4.5%
Postsecondary teachers 4.1%
Police and sheriff’s patrol officers 3.8%
Teacher assistants 3.8%
Secretaries and administrative assistants 2.8%
Firefighters, paramedics, and dispatchers 2.6%
Education administrators 2.5%
Janitors and building cleaners 2.5%
Managers, all other 2.4%
Bailiffs, correctional officers, and jailers 2.1%
Social workers 1.8%
Counselors 1.8%
Special education teachers 1.8%
Office clerks, general 1.7%
Bus drivers 1.6%
Registered nurses 1.6%
Personal and home care aides 1.5%
Lawyers, judges, and other judicial workers 1.2%
Preschool and kindergarten teachers 1.1%

Note: For detailed occupation names, as well as occupation shares for selected demographic groups, see Appendix Table 1.

Source: EPI analysis of 2017⁠–⁠2019 Current Population Survey microdata.

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