Jobs created by rebuilding the U.S. economy around high-wage jobs and manufacturing support much higher pay than service sector work: Average weekly earnings in jobs supported by trade rebalancing and by infrastructure and climate investments compared with services jobs, by race and ethnicity

Trade rebalancing Infrastructure and climate investments Services
White $1,229 $1,163 $1,017
Black $856 $847 $755
Hispanic $875 $879 $730
AAPI $1,292 $1,219 $1,126

Sources: Economic Policy Institute (EPI) analysis of jobs supported by industry from a four-year, $2 trillion program of investments in infrastructure, clean energy, and energy-efficiency improvements coupled with policies eliminating the trade deficit outlined in Scott, Mokhiber, and Perez 2020. Wage data are Current Population Survey Outgoing Rotation Group data from EPI Microdata Extracts (EPI 2021a).

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